Southern Crescent Technical College has taken bold, innovative strides to ensure the success of all enrolled students. Branded “IPASS,” or Intervention Program for Academic Success Strategies, SCTC has implemented this early alert system to recognize students in need of help and take a proactive role in meeting those needs utilizing all available resources on campus. This system was developed specifically for Southern Crescent Technical College and is, therefore, able to recognize the unique situations of each student and approach their needs with a team effort. SCTC has a wide array of helpful resources that students may find necessary from time to time. IPASS serves as a way to ensure that students are connected with the resources and help they need to successfully complete their chosen field of study.

IPASS Referral Process

Students are referred to IPASS by instructors or staff members who recognize that the student is struggling. The signs that instructors and staff look for are inadequate or failing grades, excessive tardiness or absenteeism, behavior issues in class, or any number of other indicators of distress. Once an instructor recognizes this, he or she may then submit a referral to the IPASS Program Specialist. The Coordinator then evaluates the referral and contacts the student to set up a one-on-one meeting to talk with the student and determine their needs. The student will meet with the Specialist or one of the program’s contacts and together will decide which of the available campus resources would offer the most help and support to the student and take the necessary steps to bring the student and resources together. This one-on-one strategy allows SCTC to create personalized support for each student with a recognized need.

Being Contacted

If you are contacted by the IPASS Coordinator, we hope that you will look at it as a caring, concerned show of support from your instructor and the college. We all need a little help and encouragement sometimes, so please take advantage of the opportunity! You will meet with the IPASS Coordinator one-on-one at a time that is convenient to you. This private meeting is a chance for you to let us know your needs and give us an opportunity to meet them.

Following are a few tips to make the most of your IPASS experience :

  • Contact the IPASS Program Specialist as soon as you learn of your referral to start getting help immediately!
  • When meeting with the program contacts, be open and honest about yourself and your situation so that we can get you the right kinds of help!
  • Stick to the plan! When you and IPASS have worked out what is best for you, take advantage of the opportunities and don’t give up!
  • Stay in touch with IPASS throughout your classes!

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