Acey, Stacy(770) 229-3226Director, Administrative ServicesGriffin CampusBusiness Office
Adult , Education(770) 504-2185Butts CountyButts County Center
Adult , Education770-229-3176GriffinGriffin Campus
Adult , Education(770) 914-4422Henry CountyHenry County Center
Adult , Education(706) 468-8924Jasper CountyJasper County Center
Adult , Education(770) 358-4859Lamar CountyLamar County
Adult , Education(770) 487-8910Peachtree CityPeachtree City
Adult , Education(478) 862-2323Taylor CountyTaylor County Center
Adult , Education(706) 646-6121Upson CountyFlint River CampusBldg A
Advisement , Center(770) 229-3356Griffin Campus
Alatorre, PaulAdjunct Faculty, SpeechGriffin Campus
Allen, Deanne(706) 646-6189Instructor, CosmetologyFlint River CampusBldg B - Rm 114/116
Allen, Susan(706) 646-6189Instructor, CosmetologyFlint River CampusBldg B, Rm 114/116
Alling, MarkAdjunct Faculty, Arts & ScienceGriffin Campus
Alston, Carlton(770) 412-4009CustodianGriffin Campus
Anderson, James(770) 467-4595Instructor, Emergency Medical ServicesGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm. 316
Anderson, Sallie MaeAdjunct Faculty, Patient Care AssistantButts County CenterAllied Health Science
Andrews, Galen(770) 412-4009Maintenance TechnicianGriffin Campus
Andrews, Mark(706) 646-6193Executive Vice President Flint River CampusBuilding A
Andrews-Beard, OliviaAdjunct Faculty, EnglishGriffin Campus
Armour, CharlesAdjunct Faculty, MathematicsGriffin Campus
Ashley, Carletta(770) 229-3089Financial Aid TechnicianGriffin CampusBldg.200
Askew, Barbara(770) 229-3136Instructor, Dental AssistingGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm. 208
Atwater, Lonnie(706) 646-6134CustodianFlint River Campus
Avery, Mark(706) 646-6179Instructor, Business Administrative TechnologyFlint River Campus
Awachie, PeterAdjunct Faculty, Arts & ScienceGriffin Campus
Baldwin, Lafreda(706) 646-6386Financial Aid TechnicianFlint River CampusBldg A, Rm 257
Balser, John(706) 646-6383Instructor, Diesel Equipment TechnologyFlint River Campus
Barkley, Felicia(770) 412-5753Instructor, AccountingGriffin CampusBldg 200
Barlow, John(706) 646-6192Technology Support SpecialistGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Bartlett, Donald(706) 646-6384Instructor, Emergency Medical ServicesFlint River CampusBuilding D
Bass, TamikaAdjunct Faculty, Management Supervisory Dev.Griffin Campus
Bates, TinaAdjunct Faculty, Fire ScienceGriffin Campus
Batts, Samantha(706) 646-6393Media Center AssistantFlint River Campus
Baxter, MaryAdult Education Teacher
Baynham, CynthiaAdjunct Faculty, English Griffin Campus
Bearden, AlvinCampus Police OfficerFlint River Campus
Bell, Tami(770) 233-6117Accounts Payable SpecialistGriffin CampusBusiness Office
Bennett, AdamCampus Police Officer
Bennett, Jeremy(770) 228-7379Department Chair, Public Safety; Instructor, Criminal JusticeGriffin CampusMobile 9A
Bentley, CharlesCampus Police Officer
Beverly, Karlie(706) 646-6200Educational AideFlint River Campus
Bishop, Joel(770) 229-3049Student Activites CoordinatorGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Blankenship, Diane(706) 646-6125Accounting Technician Flint River Campus
Blythe, DavidAdjunct Faculty, Adult Education
Bolton, CamilleAdjunct Faculty, Practical Nursing
Bolton, Donna(770) 914-4422Program AssistantHenry County Center
Booth, ARRT; BLS; RTC, Christopher(770) 914-4415Instructor, Computer TomographyGriffin Campus
Boronkas, Edward(770) 504-7588Instructor, Diesel Equipment Butts County Center
Boutier, Chef, Patrick(770) 228-7296Instructor, Culinary ArtsGriffin CampusRm 101B
Bowman, Charles(770) 467-4487Specialist, Media/Video ProductionGriffin Campus
Bradley, Jr. NBSTSA, Benson(770) 229-3208Department Chair, Allied Health; Instructor, Surgical TechnologyGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm 213
Breeser, R.T. (R), Dana(770) 233-6172Instructor, Radiologic TechnologyGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm. 311
Brezee, Vickie(770) 229-3074Payroll CoordinatorGriffin CampusHuman Resources
Brock, Carol(770) 504-7590Adjunct Faculty-Information TechnologyButts County Center
Brogan, Terri(770) 412-4034Instructor, Health Information TechnologyGriffin CampusRm 607 D
Brooks, Sherry(770) 229-3156LibrarianGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Brooks, Teresa(770) 228-7258Special Services Coordinator-InterpreterGriffin Campus
Brown, AbbieAdjunct Faculty, Paralegal Griffin Campus
Brown, DavidAdjunct Faculty, HorticultureGriffin Campus
Brown, Jason(770) 228-7385Information System AdministratorGriffin CampusTechnology Support
Brown, Jeraldine(770) 228-7348ReceptionistGriffin CampusBldg 200
Brown, Jim(770) 233-6139Vice President, Facilities and OperationsGriffin CampusBldg 100
Brown, Kristi(770) 229-3058Career EvaluatorGriffin CampusRm 100, Library
Brown, MoniqueInstructor, Adult Education
Brown, Sherman(770) 412-4588Shipping & Receiving Technician Griffin CampusBldg 200
Brown, Sheryl Lynne(706) 646-6162Program AssistantFlint River CampusBldg A
Brown, OTC, Sam(770) 467-6030Instructor, Orthopaedic TechnologyGriffin CampusBuildling 900 - Rm. 314
Bryant, Gary(770) 412-4099GroundskeeperGriffin Campus
Buckner, Yasheka(770) 229-3485Technician, PurchasingGriffin CampusBusiness Office - Bldg. 200
Bullock, WilliamMaintenance TechnicianGriffin Campus
Burden, Kathlyn(770) 229-3328RegistrarGriffin Campus
Burke, Karen(770) 467-4483Instructor, BiologyGriffin Campus
Burns, Robin(770) 228-7362 Registrar Office AssistantGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Busby, Jane(706) 646-6173Library AssistantFlint River CampusBldg. 200
Busby, LenaLab Assistant, Design & MediaGriffin Campus
Bush, JaniceAdjunct Faculty, Radiologic TechnologyGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm. 315
Bushell, AlexisAdjunct Faculty, EnglishGriffin Campus
Butler, Mark(678) 603-9077Campus Police OfficerGriffin Campus
Byrd, Alexis(770) 228- 7348ReceptionistGriffin Campus
Byrd, Gina(770) 229-3050Director, Student AccountsGriffin Campus
Byrd, MikeAdjunct Faculty, Fire ScienceGriffin Campus
Cain, BettyLab Assistant, Computer InformationGriffin Campus
Campbell, ChrisAdjunct Faculty, Fire ScienceGriffin Campus
Campbell, Christopher(678) 603-5609Campus Police OfficerHenry County CenterHenry County Center
Campus Police, .(678) 603-5897Upson County
Campus Police, .(678) 603-6918Butts County CenterButts County Center
Campus Police, .(678) 603-5979FLINT RIVER CAMPUSFlint River Campus
Campus Police, .(770) 883-6032GRIFFIN CAMPUSGriffin Campus
Campus Police, .(678) 603-5948Jasper County CenterJasper County Center
Cannon, DonaldAdult Education TeacherFayette County
Capobianco, Bonnie(770) 229-3186LibrarianGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Capone, John(706) 468-9930Adjunct Faculty-Lawn Equip/Sm. Engine RepairJasper County Center
Cardell, Connie(770) 412-5703Adult Education TeacherGriffin CampusBldg 800
Carns, Gordon(770) 229-3242Instructor, Computer Information ServicesGriffin CampusRm 207
Carr, LisaAdjunct Faculty, Business & Office TechnologyButts County Center, Taylor County Center
Carter, Emberly(706) 646-6200Educational AideFlint River Campus
Carter, Kennisha(770) 228-7323Financial Aid Technician Griffin CampusBldg. 200
Carter, Lynn(706)468-9930Adjunct Faculty-Commercial Truck DrivingJasper County Center
Cash, Charles(770) 467-6058Department Chair, Computer Information Services; Instructor, Computer Information ServicesGriffin CampusRM 207 D
Cash, Jean(770) 229-3207Administrative Assistant to Vice PresidentGriffin CampusAcademic Affairs
Caslin, Miriam(770) 228-7372Vice President, Administrative ServicesGriffin CampusBldg 200
Chafin, TheresaAdjunct Faculty, MusicGriffin Campus
Chambers, Angela(706) 646-6197Instructor, Early Childhood EducationFlint River CampusRm 216
Chandler, Mike(770) 412-4033Instructor, Industrial Systems Griffin CampusRm 503
Chappell, Angela(770) 228-3356Advisor, AcademicGriffin CampusRm 600
Cherry, Yeasmin(770) 229-3443Assistant RegistrarGriffin Campus
China, Ervin(770) 412-5752Instructor, MathematicsGriffin Campus
Clark, LisaAdjunct Faculty, Georgia Film InstituteGriffin Campus
Clay, TammyAdjunct Faculty, Allied HealthFlint River Campus
Clemons, Jada(770) 229-3372Coordinator, AdmissionsGriffin CampusBldg 200
Coggins, KathyAdjunct Faculty, Business & Office TechnologyGriffin Campus
Coker, Christy(770) 412-5707Instructor, Allied Health ScienceGriffin Campus
Coleman, BarbaraAdjunct Faculty, Business Management
Collier, Mary Ellen(770) 412-4000Adult Education TeacherGriffin Campus
Collier, Mia(706) 646-6122High School CoordinatorFlint River CampusBldg. A
Colvin, Willie(770) 504-2340 ext. 2411Instructor, HorticultureGriffin Campus
Cook, Barbara Jo(770) 467-6038Vice President, Institutional AdvancementGriffin CampusBldg 200
Cook, Michael(770) 412-4410Instructor, Business ManagementGriffin CampusRm 306K
Cook, Stacey(770) 358-4859Program AssistantLamar County
Cook-Snider, Judy(770) 567-8929Adult Education Teacher-LeadPike County
Cooley, Regina(770) 412-4099CustodianGriffin Campus
Cooley, SamuelAdjunct Faculty, Air ConditioningGriffin Campus
Coppins, Delia(770) 229-3487Lab Assistant, ForensicGriffin Campus
Cosmetology-Flint River, Appointments(706) 646- 6169Flint River CampusFlint River Campus
Cosmetology-Griffin, Appointments(770) 228-7374Griffin CampusGriffin Campus
Craft, Sharon(706) 646-6143Academic AdvisorFlint River CampusBldg A, Rm 250
Craig, GregoryAdjunct Faculty, Management Supervisory Dev.Griffin Campus
Crawford, Jane(706) 646-6977Program Specialist, Learning SupportFlint River CampusBldg A
Crawley, Kimberly(770) 229-3444Instructor, Nurse Aide/PT CareGriffin Campus, Henry County CenterHenry County Center
Crocker, Curtis(770) 412-5714Instructor, AccountingGriffin CampusBldg 200
Cromer, Steve(706) 646-6234Dean, Industrial TechnologyFlint River CampusBldg E
Cross, John(770) 228-7364Adjunct Faculty, Business & Industry Butts County Center, Griffin CampusBldg 100
Dailey, Ralph(770) 228-7364Continued Education Instructor - AdjunctGriffin CampusBldg 100
Dallas, Katie(706) 468-8924 (770) 504-2135Adult Education TeacherButts County Center, Jasper County Center
Daniel, Denise(706) 646-6381Financial Aid TechnicianFlint River CampusBldg. A
Daniel, Gail(770) 229-3095Coordinator, Student Affairs Griffin Campus
Daniel, WalterCampus Security Officer
Davenport, RonaldCustodianGriffin Campus
David, NevilleAdjunct Faculty, Management Supervisory Dev.
Davis, JacquelineCustodianGriffin Campus
Davis, Stacie(770) 229-3176Program AssistantGriffin CampusBldg 800
Dawson, R.T.(R), Debbie(770) 229-3225Instructor, Radiologic TechnologyGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm. 312
DeLoach, Lance(706) 646-6121Adult Education TeacherFlint River Campus
Deutscher, MattAdjunct Faculty, Allied Health ScienceGriffin Campus
DeWinter, Kimberly(770) 228-7373Marketing SpecialistGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Dickey, Erin770- 914-4422Instructor, Adult Education
Diggs, Errica(770) 412-5720Technician, AccountingGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Doaty, Toni(770) 228-7382Assistant Director, Student ServicesGriffin Campus
Dolcine, Pierre(706) 646-6142Instructor, MathematicsFlint River Campus, Griffin CampusBldg. 200
Doughtie, ChristineAdjunct Faculty, MathematicsGriffin Campus
Dove, Ginger(770) 228-7368Student Affairs AssistantGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Dove, RosannaAdjunct Faculty, Criminal JusticeGriffin Campus
Duck, Michael(770) 233-5505Campus Police OfficerGriffin Campus
Dugger, Deidra(706) 646-6160Coordinator, AdmissionsFlint River CampusBldg A
Duke, HomerAdjunct Faculty, PsychologyGriffin Campus
Dukes, SelinaAdjunct, Early Childhood Education InstructorFlint River Campus
Dundore, WalterAdjunct Faculty, Business & Office TechnologyGriffin Campus
Dunlap, DonaldAdjunct Faculty, Management Supervisory Dev.Griffin CampusBusiness Management
Dunn, RaymondAdjunct Faculty, Commercial Truck DrivingFlint River Campus
Dyson, Carolyn(706) 646-6200Educational AideFlint River Campus
Edwards, Jennifer(770) 233-6171Instructor, Business ManagementGriffin CampusRm 306
Edwards, PerryAdjunct Faculty, CarpentryGriffin Campus
Elam, TangaAdjunct Faculty, Allied Health ScienceGriffin Campus
Ellington, Christi(770) 229-3442Instructor, Business ManagementGriffin Campus
Elliott, Billy(706) 646-6377Adjunct Faculty, Plumbing Griffin CampusRoom 510
Engle, JohnAdjunct Faculty, Welding & Joining Techology
Estes, Vaughn(770) 412-5751Instructor, Forensic Science Griffin Campus
Evans, Kelly(770) 233-6111Instructor, CosmetologyGriffin Campus
Farr, RN, Wendy(706) 646-6312Instructor, Practical NursingFlint River CampusBuilding B, RM 338
Fender, SandraAdjunct Faculty, Medical AssistingFlint River Campus
Finch, ASE, Wade(770) 228-7378Instructor, Automotive Griffin CampusRm 517
Fisher, MarshaAdjunct Faculty, EnglishGriffin Campus
Fitzgerald, Richard(770) 412-4000Adult Education TeacherGriffin Campus
Flint, AnthonyAdjunct Faculty, Computer Information ServicesGriffin Campus
Florkowska, MalgorzataAdjunct Faculty, HorticultureGriffin Campus
Flowers, Monique(770) 229-3088Coordinator, Financial AidFlint River Campus, Griffin CampusBldg 200
Floyd, Scott(770) 412-4099Maintenance SupervisorGriffin Campus
Fludd, Chef, Carolyn(770) 412-4589Instructor, Culinary ArtsGriffin Campus
Ford, Angel(770) 233-6140Admissions AssistantGriffin CampusBldg 200
Ford, Danny(706) 646-6134Maintenance Technician Flint River Campus
Forensics Lab, Assistant(770) 467-4484Griffin Campus
Forensics Lab, Assistant(770) 467-4484Griffin Campus
Foust Ph.D., Jasper(706) 646-6302Director, Enrollment ManagementFlint River Campus, Griffin Campus
Fowler, Donna(770) 584-2926Adjunct Faculty, Allied Health ScienceGriffin CampusBldg 900, RM 321
Fowler, JamesAdjunct Faculty, HistoryGriffin Campus
Francis, DerrickAdjunct Faculty, DraftingGriffin Campus
Frazier, Miranda(770) 228-7361Administrative AssistantGriffin CampusBldg 200
Futral, Don(770) 467-6011Career EvaluatorGriffin Campus
Futral, Lynn(770) 228-7320Instructor, PsychologyGriffin CampusRm 306
Gale, Helen(770) 412-4000Adult Education TeacherGriffin CampusBldg 800
Garbison, JulieEducational AideHenry County Center
Garcia, RandyLab Assistant, Culinary Griffin Campus
Garlin, Kimberly(770) 233-6105Admissions Assistant Griffin CampusBldg. 200
Gassett, DeeGee(770) 229-3455Administrative Assistant to Vice PresidentGriffin Campus
Gatlin, Jeffery(770) 228-7364Continued Education Instructor - AdjunctGriffin CampusBldg. 100
George, SaudiaAdjunct Faculty, Practical Nursing
George, Terri(770) 229-3135Bookstore AssistantGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Gilbert, Cherryl(770) 229-3409Director, Student AffairsGriffin Campus
Gilbert, Cheryl(770) 229-3176Adult Education TeacherSpalding CountyBldg 800
Gill, Lyman(770) 504-7590Adjunct Faculty, Commercial Truck DrivingButts County CenterButts County Center
Gillihan, Denna(770) 504-7590Allied Health Science Instructor - AdjunctButts County Center
Gladden, Wendy(770) 412-4000Administrative Assistant to Vice PresidentGriffin Campus
Gleaton III, Preston(706) 646-6251Maintenance Technician Flint River Campus
Glore, Niki(770) 467-6046Help Desk CoordinatorGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Godat, ChristopherAdjunct Faculty, EnglishGriffin Campus
Gomez, Lourdes(770) 233-6145Student Affairs SpecialistGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Goodson, Kristin(770) 233-5488ReceptionistGriffin Campus
Goolsby, Jennifer(770) 228-7359Admissions AssistantGriffin CampusBldg 200
Gordon, AngelaAdjunct Faculty, Early Childhood EducationGriffin Campus
Gordon, Melissa(770) 467-6074Vice President, Adult EducationGriffin CampusBldg 800
Grady, RN, Peggy(770) 412-4580Instructor, Practical NursingGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm 202
Granade, Alaina(770) 412-5750Instructor, Criminal JusticeGriffin Campus
Grant, TraceyAdjunct Faculty, Math
Greathouse, Donald(706) 646-6321Instructor, Criminal JusticeFlint River CampusBldg B Rm 209
Green, Joshua(770) 412-5726Web DeveloperGriffin Campus
Green, Monica(706) 646-6382Assistant RegistrarFlint River Campus
Gregory, Selethia(770) 412-5711Assessment Specialist IIGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Griffin, Cashier(770) 228-7275Griffin Cashier OfficeGriffin Campus
Griffin, CynthiaAdjunct Faculty, Management Supervisory Dev.Griffin Campus
Grigory, AngelaAdjunct Faculty, Business & Office TechnologyGriffin Campus
Guss, Roschell(770) 412-5719Technician, AccountingGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Hagen, Robert(770) 229-3274Instructor, Automotive CollisionGriffin CampusRm 500
Haines, CrystalAdult Education Teacher
Hamilton, JohnAdjunct Faculty, Fire ScienceGriffin Campus
Hammack, Stephanie(706) 646-6178Instructor, Practical NursingFlint River CampusBldg B
Hammock, Wanda(706) 646-6144Administrative Assistant Flint River Campus
Hammond, Cathy(770) 229-3019Instructor, Practical NursingGriffin CampusBuildling 900 - Rm. 309
Hamrick, Spencer(706) 646-6142Adjunct Faculty, MathematicsFlint River Campus
Hankinson, Mary(770) 229-3229Director, AccountingGriffin Campus
Hardman, Robert(706) 646-6134CustodianFlint River Campus
Hardy, Angela(770) 412-5718Lab Assistant, Dental AssistingGriffin Campus
Hardy, AnthonyAdjunct Faculty, Defensive DrivingFlint River Campus
Hargrove , MaryAdjunct Faculty, MathematicsGriffin Campus
Harnist, JosephCampus Police OfficerGriffin Campus
Harp, Tanya(770) 228-7376Instructor, Practical Nursing Griffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm. 307
Harrell, Chris(706) 646-6272Instructor, Commercial Truck DrivingFlint River Campus
Harris, Carl(770) 228-7368Financial Aid Technician Griffin CampusBldg. 200
Harris, JosephAdjunct Faculty, PsychologyGriffin Campus
Harris, Thomas(770) 412-4598WebmasterGriffin CampusInstitutional Effectiveness
Harrison, WillardAdjunct Faculty, EMS
Hartley, Daniel(770) 412-5715Instructor, EnglishGriffin CampusBldg 200 Rm. 306
Harvey, Thaddeus(706) 646-6134Maintenance Technician Flint River Campus
Hatcher, Tammy(770) 233-6166Instructor, Central Sterile Griffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm. 216
Hayes, Sara LouAdjunct Faculty, Patient Care AssistantGriffin Campus
Haygood, KennethCampus Police Officer
Head, CharlesCampus Police OfficerGriffin Campus
Hein, Eric(706) 646-6801Campus Police OfficerFlint River CampusBldg A
Helms, JohnnyAdjunct Faculty, Commerical Truck DrivingFlint River Campus
Helms, Mark(770) 412-4099Maintenance TechnicianGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Helms, Marty(770) 412-4099Maintenance TechnicianGriffin Campus
Hendrix, Steven(770) 467-6072Director, Economic Development Griffin Campus
Henley, Linda(770) 229-3162Administrative AssistantGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Henry, Terry(770) 914-4411CustodianHenry County Center
Henry County , Center(770) 914-4411Henry County Center
Henson, Ricky(770) 467-6052Instructor, Air ConditioningGriffin CampusRm 500
Hickman, Yolanda(706) 646-6200Child Enrichment Center WorkerFlint River Campus
Hicks, Annette770/412-5702Program Assistant, The NETGriffin CampusThe NET, Medical Building, 1st floor
Higgins, SchneathaInstructional AideInformation Tech
Hinz, ChristinaAdjunct Faculty, Criminal Justice Griffin Campus
Hodges, Ph.D., Dawn(770) 229-3293Vice President, Academic AffairsGriffin CampusBldg 200
Hogan, Mettie(770) 233-5498Instructor, Medical AssistingGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm 214
Hollins, BrandonAdjunct Faculty, Polysomnography
Holloway, Borisa(706) 646-6200Child Enrichment Center WorkerFlint River CampusTender Tech
Honeycutt, ScottAdjunct Faculty, English
Horton, Karen(770) 467-4488Career AdvisorGriffin CampusRm. 201 Medical Building
Howard, Charles(770) 467-6049Instructor, DraftingGriffin CampusRm 204B
Hubbard, Cammie(770) 412-5755Technology Support SpecialistGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Huber, Gregory(770) 229-3267Instructor, HorticultureGriffin CampusMobile 8C
Huckaby, Kevin(706) 646-6319Maintenance SupervisorFlint River Campus
Huckaby, PhillipAdjunct Faculty, Air ConditioningFlint River Campus
Huckaby, ScottAdjunct Faculty, Practical Nursing
Huddleston, Terri(770) 229-3176Support ServicesGriffin Campus
Ibarra, Luz, D.D.S.(770) 229-3136Instructor, Dental AssistingGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm. 207
Irby, Sharon(770) 229-3454Director, Human Resources Griffin CampusBldg. 200
Ivey, Moneika(706) 646-6121Adult Education TeacherFlint River CampusBldg A
Jackson, Ashley(770) 412-4099Maintenance TechnicianGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Jackson, GeorgeCampus Police OfficerFlint River Campus
Jackson, LarryCampus Security OfficerFlint River Campus
Jackson, LekeishaAdjunct Faculty, Mathematics
Jackson, Mary Kate(706) 646-6224Coordinator, Special Services/Special PopulationsFlint River CampusBldg A
Jackson, ShanearahAdult Education Teacher
Jackson, Tamara(770) 229-3135Bookstore AssistantGriffin CampusBldg 200
Jackson, Wendy(770) 914-4414Instructor, Nurse Aide/Patient CareHenry County Center
Jackson-Evans, Anita(770) 229-3431Data Entry SpecialistGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Jacob, Tyler(706) 646-6390Information Sys Worker
James, Jan(770) 228-7371Administrative Assistant to Vice PresidentGriffin Campus
James, Perry(770) 504-7590CustodianButts County CenterButts County Center
Jenkins, KatherineLibrary Assistant
Jenkins, Rhonda(478) 862-2323Adult Education TeacherTaylor County Center
Jester, Brad(770) 233-5576Instructor, Speech Griffin Campus
Jester, Dorothy(770) 504-7591Administrative Assistant, Butts County CenterButts County Center
Jester, Liz(770) 467-6056Instructor, EnglishGriffin CampusRm 400-7
Johns, Xenia(770) 229-3046Vice President, Student AffairsGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Johnson, Barbara(706) 646-6239Technician, AccountingFlint River CampusA 260
Johnson, BethanyAdjunct Faculty, Sociology Griffin CampusSociology
Johnson, Rachel(706) 646-6157Accounting Technician Flint River CampusBldg. 200
Johnson, Rebecca(770) 467-6037Dean, Business Technology/Arts & SciencesGriffin Campus
Jones, ElizabethAdjunct Faculty, Arts & ScienceGriffin Campus
Kelly, RichardLab Assistant, AutomotiveGriffin Campus
Kendrick, RN, Diana(770) 233-5498Instructor, Medical AssistingGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm. 215
Kennedy, Linda(770) 229-3466Administrative Assistant to Vice PresidentGriffin Campus
Khazaw, ShahenAdult Education Teacher
Kimbell, Jeannie(770) 233-6111Instructor, CosmetologyGriffin CampusRm 712
Kimbrough, Charlene(706) 646-6169Adjunct Faculty, CosmetologyFlint River Campus
Kinard, TeriAdjunct Faculty, Business & Office TechnologyButts County Center, Flint River Campus, Griffin Campus
Kinney, Rebecca(770) 467-6048Accounts Receivable SpecialistGriffin CampusBusiness Office
Kitchens, Tempie(770) 233-6170Dean, Computer Information/Online Griffin CampusRm 410
Knights, Stephen(770) 914-4420Instructor, Criminal JusticeHenry County CenterHenry County Center
Kroskey, KellyAdjunct Faculty, Management Supervisory Dev.Griffin Campus
Landers, RachealAdjunct Faculty, MathematicsGriffin Campus
Lanier-Braswell, Vonette(770) 229-3078Program Specialist, Learning Support Griffin Campus
Larry, DonnaAdjunct, Adult Education
Larson, Gary(706) 646-6201Department Chair, Personal Services; Instructor, Early Childhood EducationFlint River CampusRm 218
Lawrence, Sonya(706) 646-6112Recruiter/Admissions CounselorFlint River Campus
Lee, Karen(770) 467-4488Allied Health AdvisorGriffin CampusRm 201 Medical Building
Lee, Nam(770) 229-3268Instructor, MathematicsGriffin CampusRm 414
Lee, Tanya(706) 646-6200Assistant Director, Tender TechFlint River Campus
Leidig, RN, Shelly(706) 646-6186Instructor, Practical NursingFlint River CampusBuilding B RM 336
Leonard, Connie(478) 862-2276CustodianTaylor County Center
Levey, Chef, Barry(770) 228-7363Instructor, Culinary ArtsGriffin Campus
Lockhart, GeorgeCampus Security Officer
Love, SuzanneAdjunct Faculty, Early Childhood EducationFlint River Campus
Loveless, BeonciaAdjunct Faculty, Forensic ScienceGriffin Campus
Lovin, Lisa(770) 412-4000GED ExaminerGriffin Campus
Lowrey, Lynn(770) 412-4000GED ExaminerGriffin Campus
Lundy, LaVerneAdjunct Faculty, Management Supervisory Dev.Griffin Campus
Lunsford, CaroleAdjunct Faculty, MathematicsGriffin Campus
Mack, RN, Vicky(770) 504-7594Instructor, Nurse, Aide/Patient CareButts County Center, Griffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm. 310
Maddox, Betty(706) 468-9930Administrative Assistant, Jasper County CenterJasper County Center
Maloof, M.D., C.(770) 229-3400Instructor, BiologyHenry County Center
Mangan, Erin(770) 914-4412Data Entry Specialist, Henry County CenterHenry County CenterHenry County Center
Martin, Tony(706) 646-6133Instructor, Air Conditioning Flint River CampusBld D - Rm 610
Mason, JeffAdjunct Faculty, Criminal JusticeGriffin Campus
Mathis, Marissa(678) 603-7948Instructor, Surgical TechnologyGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm. 217
Matthews D.V.M., Celeste(706) 646-6183Instructor, BiologyFlint River CampusRm 320
Mayes, Brent(770) 229-3327Vice President, Technology and Institutional ResearchGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Maynard, Lynn(770) 229-3224Accounting TechnicianGriffin CampusBldg. 200
McCall, Margaret(770) 412-5710Instructor, Early Childhood EducationGriffin CampusOffice C, Mobile 10
McChargue, ASE, Allen(706) 646-6149Instructor, Automotive Flint River CampusBldg E
McCraw, Monte(770) 228-7378Instructor, Automotive Griffin CampusRm 517
McCreary, Ed. D., Monique(770) 412-4040Instructor, Respiratory TherapyGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm 210
McCullough, Lynette(770) 229-3488Instructor, Emergency Medical ServicesGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm. 313
McCullough, Tyrone(706) 646-6251Maintenance TechnicianFlint River Campus
McCurry, Ed.D., Roslyn(770) 229-3404Instructor, Early Childhood EducationHenry County CenterHenry Campus Office 111
McDermitt, LoganLab Assistant, WeldingGriffin Campus
McGhee, Chelsea(706) 646-6121Adult Education TeacherFlint River Campus
McGouirk, Ralph(706) 646-6134GroundskeeperFlint River Campus
McGouirk, Sheryl(706) 646-6326Copy Center CoordinatorFlint River Campus, Griffin Campus
McLaurin, TawandaAdjunct Faculty, Business & Office TechnologyGriffin Campus
McNeal, Rasheeda(770) 233-6167Instructor, Pharmacy Tech.Griffin Campus
Media Center, .(706) 646-6394Flint River CampusFlint River Campus
Media Center, .(770) 412-5729Griffin CampusFlint River Campus, Griffin CampusBldg. A
Melquist, Mariah(770) 412-5702Student NavigatorGriffin CampusBldg. 900, 1st floor
Melvin, KarinAdjunct Faculty, Allied Health ScienceGriffin Campus, Jasper County Center
Melvin, R. Ph., Michael(770) 412-4034Dean, Allied HealthGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm 212
Mercado, Lemy(770) 228-7383Dean, Personal Services/Public ServicesGriffin Campus
Metzger, JamesAdjunct Faculty, Practical Nursing
Middlebrooks, JefferyCampus Security OfficerFlint River Campus
Mikko, DonAdjunct Faculty, Forensic ScienceGriffin Campus
Miller, Evangeline(478) 862-2323Program AssistantTaylor County Center
Miller, Kristen(770) 229-3417Director, Institutional Advancement Griffin Campus
Mitchell, AliciaAdjunct Faculty, Business Administrative TechnologyGriffin Campus
Mobley, LaRaysha(706) 646-6135Specialist, Student Affairs Flint River CampusBldg A
Moore, Angie(706) 646-6200Director, Tender TechFlint River Campus
Moore, Dixie(706) 646-6374Administrator, Assoc Deg NursingFlint River Campus, Griffin CampusBuilding B RM 328
Moore, JaniceAdjunct Faculty, Management Supervisory Dev.Griffin Campus
Morales, NancyAdjunct Faculty, Allied Health ScienceGriffin Campus
Morales-Garcia, Amy770-467-6040Instructor, AccountingGriffin Campus
Morales-White, Denise770/914-4423Library Assistant Henry County Center
Morgan, RhondaAdjunct Faculty, Management Supervisory Dev.
Morgan, Shellie(770) 229-3386Instructor, BiologyGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm. 304
Morris, Kimberly(770) 412-4005Director, Financial Aid Griffin CampusBldg 200
Moses, Sheila(770) 255-9463Adult Education Teacher
Murphy, Amber(478) 862-2276 Coordinator, Taylor County CenterTaylor County Center
Murphy, Blake(706) 646-6123Instructor, Electronics Flint River CampusBldg E
Murphy, Charles(770) 412-4099CustodianGriffin Campus
Murray, Susan(770) 229-3043Director, Career Services Griffin Campus
Nazario, Rafael(770) 412-4099CustodianGriffin Campus
Neal, Patricia770/233-6111Adjunct Faculty, CosmetologyGriffin Campus
Neal Jr., Max770-229-3090Director, Facilities & OperationsGriffin CampusRm 100D
Nesbit, EvoynAdjunct Faculty, ReadingGriffin Campus
Nesbitt, Teresa(706) 646-6225LibrarianFlint River Campus
NET, The770/412-5702Center for Networking, Engaging & TrainingGriffin CampusGriffin Campus, Medical Building, 1st Floor
Norman, DavidAdjunct Faculty, Forensic Science
Norris, Bobby(706) 468-9930Campus Police OfficerJasper County Center
O'Neal, Greg(706) 646-6281Department Chair, Arts & Sciences; Instructor, PsychologyFlint River CampusRm 400-5
Obert, ASE, JohnAdjunct Faculty, Automotive TechnologyGriffin Campus
Ogletree, Elizabeth(770) 229-3456Human Resources CoordinatorGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Ott, StephenAdjunct Faculty, Paralegal Griffin Campus
Oxford, RobertAdjunct Faculty, HorticultureGriffin Campus
Paradise, Joseph(770) 487-8910Adult Education TeacherPeachtree City
Park, CatherineAdjunct Faculty, Printing/GraphicsGriffin Campus
Parker, Bonnie(706) 646-6391Librarian Flint River CampusBldg. B
Parks, ChristinaAdministrative Assistant I
Partridge, AnjeleighAdjunct Faculty, Practical Nursing
Patterson, Christopher(706) 646-6873Instructor, Welding Flint River CampusBldg D 601
Patterson, Sandra(706) 646-6235Administrative AssistantFlint River CampusA 500
Pearson, TericaAdjunct Faculty, Management Supervisory Dev.Griffin Campus
Peas, JamesAdjunct Faculty, Childcare
Peczka, MatthewAdjunct Faculty, EMSGriffin Campus
Peeples, KevinLab Assistant, Air Conditioning Griffin Campus
Peters, Ed.D, RandallPresidentGriffin Campus
Phillips, Janis(770) 412-4597Administrative AssistantGriffin CampusBldg 200
Phillips, WilliamAdjunct Faculty, Early Childhood EducationButts County Center
Pickett, William(770) 467-6053Instructor, CarpentryGriffin CampusRm 502
Piland, Jesse(770) 504-7590CustodianButts County CenterButts County Center
Pilkenton, Larry(770) 467-6050Instructor, Machine ToolGriffin CampusRm 505
Pippin, Lisa770/412-4590Food Services Manager Griffin CampusBldg. 200, Crescent Cafe
Pirone, Melodie(770) 229-3221Financial Aid SpecialistGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Pittman, LarryAdjunct Faculty, Business and IndustryButts County Center
Pitts, Gary(770) 229-3066Specialist, Audio Visual/Info Griffin Campus
Pitts, Kathy(706) 646-6137Accounting Technician Flint River CampusBldg. 200
Pitts, Lori(770) 467-4489Career EvaluatorGriffin CampusRm 301, Medical Building
Polk, JamesAdjunct Faculty, EMSGriffin Campus
Ponder, Emmett(770) 412-4099CustodianGriffin Campus
Pope, John(770) 914-4411Director, Evening Operations ctor, EveningHenry County Center
Porter, Karen(770) 914-4411Program Assistant, Henry CountyHenry County CenterRoom 101
Portwood, RonaldAdjunct Faculty, Commercial Truck DrivingButts County Center
Pounds, Charles(478) 862-2276Campus Police OfficerTaylor County Center
Powell, Clint(770) 229-3460Instructor, PsychologyGriffin Campus
Powers, Dawn(770) 412-5712Administrative Assistant to Vice PresidentGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Powers, Morris(770) 412-4099CustodianGriffin Campus
Presnall, JennyAdjunct Faculty, Business & Office TechnologyGriffin Campus
Price, Brandon(770) 412-4585Specialist, Technology SupportGriffin CampusMain Building, RM 616
Pruett, Heather(770) 412-5717Duplication ClerkGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Pruett, Jr., JamesAdjunct Faculty, Learning SupportGriffin Campus
Pryor, Katherine(770) 229-3176Administrative Assistant IGriffin CampusAdult Education
Purcell, JanetTutorGriffin Campus
Ragland, CharquelaAdjunct Faculty, Practical Nursing
Ratliff, Leslie(770) 467-6047Instructor, Business Administrative TechnologyGriffin CampusBldg 200 Rm 207C
Rawlins, Kimberly(770) 233-6111Instructor, CosmetologyGriffin CampusRm 712
Raymond, Carl(770) 229-3060Instructor, Fire ScienceGriffin CampusBldg 8 - Office B
Reed, Duane(770) 412-4581Instructor, Respiratory TherapyGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm. 209
Register, Kimberly(770) 412-4586 Instructor, Practical NursingGriffin CampusBuilidng 900 - Rm. 205
Richardson, Jennifer(706) 646-6159Specialist, Student AffairsFlint River CampusBldg A
Rieger, Shirley(706) 646-6148Receptionist Flint River CampusBldg A
Riggs Walker, EricaAdjunct Faculty, Political ScienceGriffin Campus
Riley, AdrianAdjunct Faculty, Automotive TechnologyButts County Center
Risper, Rodney(770) 412-5725Specialist, Technology SupportGriffin Campus
Rivers, SonyaAdjunct Faculty, Allied Health ScienceGriffin Campus
Roberts, Patricia(770) 467-6031Specialist I, AssessmentGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Roberts, Sean(770) 233-6138Admissions AssistantGriffin CampusBldg 200
Robinson, DevinAdjunct Faculty, Management Supervisory Dev.
Robles, Doreen(770) 487-8910Program AssistantFayette County
Roe, GladysAdjunct Faculty, EnglishGriffin Campus
Rogers, Thomas(770) 412-4582Information System AdministratorGriffin Campus
Rosales, San juana(770) 504-7590Program Assistant, Butts CenterButts County Center
Ross, Scott(770) 504-7595Director, Satellite Centers Butts County Center, Henry County Center
Rush, Cherry(770) 412-4000Adult Education TeacherGriffin CampusBldg 800
Rush, Dale(706) 646-6898Transition SpecialistFlint River Campus
Santerre, Kimberly(770) 228-7365Executive Assistant to PresidentGriffin Campus
Santerre, Leah(770) 233-5590Recruiter/Admissions CounselorGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Savage, Marion(770) 229-3218Forklift InstructorGriffin Campus
Scarboro, ElizabethAdjunct Faculty, ReadingGriffin Campus
Scharnhorst, Susan(770) 229-3078TutorGriffin Campus
Scott, Tony(770) 228-7381Duplication ClerkGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Scott, William(770) 412-5709Instructor, Computer NetworkingGriffin CampusBldg 200 Rm 207 D
Searcy, Kay(706) 646-6176Instructor, Allied Health ScienceFlint River Campus
Searcy, Lucille(706) 646-6226Specialist, AssessmentFlint River Campus
Searcy, Quinitha(706) 646-6134CustodianFlint River Campus
Shaw, PhillipAdjunct Faculty, WeldingTaylor County Center
Shelton, GaryAdjunct Faculty, MathematicsGriffin Campus
Shiver, Michael(770) 229-3044Chief Information OfficerGriffin Campus
Shropshire, AnnieAdjunct Faculty, Business & Office TechnologyGriffin Campus
Silvis, J.D., Scott(770) 467-6042Instructor, Paralegal StudiesGriffin CampusRm 207H
Simmons, Linda(706) 468-9930 Coordinator, Jasper County CenterJasper County Center
Simpson, PatAdjunct Faculty, Early Childhood EducationGriffin Campus
Sinkfield, Calvin(770) 229-3130Coordinator, Athletics Griffin Campus
Slaton, Erlinda(770) 229-3178Program AssistantGriffin Campus
Slaton, James770/914-4423Library Assistant Henry County Center
Slay, Charles(770) 412-4099Maintenance Technician Griffin Campus
Smith, AmyAdjunct Faculty, EnglishGriffin Campus
Smith, AndreaAdult Education Teacher
Smith, Caren(770) 467-6044Instructor, Computer Information Services Griffin Campus207E
Smith, Christy(770) 229-3197Instructor, Hemodialysis/PhelebotomyGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm. 317
Smith, JerryCampus Security Officer
Smith, Jesse(770) 412-4099CustodianGriffin Campus
Smith, KimberlyAdjunct Faculty, CulinaryGriffin Campus
Smith, Melissa(770) 229-3135Manager, Bookstore Flint River Campus, Griffin Campus
Smith, Michael(706) 646-6158Bookstore Assistant Flint River CampusFlint Campus Bookstore
Smith, StewartAdjunct Faculty, Criminal Justice
Soares, Lisa(770) 412-4041Instructor, Pharmacy Griffin Campus
Sorrow, LauraInstructional Aide
Spillers, Cherie(706) 646-6129Human Resources CoordinatorFlint River CampusBldg. A
Spivey, BillyAdjunct Faculty, WeldingFlint River Campus
Spivey, Thomas(770) 229-6010Adjunct, Adult EducationGriffin Campus
Spoon, JerryAdjunct Faculty, Electrical TechnologyFlint River Campus
Stancliff, Joseph(770) 914-4425Instructor, EnglishHenry County Center
Stanfield, Alan(770) 228-7380Department Chair, Industrial Technology; Instructor, Electrical ConstructionGriffin CampusRM 506
Stewart, ElizabethAdjunct Faculty, Early Childhood EducationFlint River Campus
Stinchcomb, Suzanne(770) 914-4422Educational AideHenry County Center
Stout, Ashley(770) 229-3374Assistant RegistrarGriffin CampusBldg 200
Strickland, Frank(770) 229-6408Adjunct, Criminal Justice InstructorGriffin Campus
Tamburini, EdmundAdjunct Faculty, Forensic ScienceGriffin Campus
Tarleton, Janice(770) 229-3177GED Chief ExaminerGriffin Campus
Tate, Amy(770) 467-6036Adult Education TeacherGriffin Campus
Taylor, Anna(770) 233-5560Director, Public Relations & InfoGriffin Campus
Taylor, Colandra(770) 229-3377WIA Coordinator Griffin CampusBuilding 200
Taylor, Joe(770) 914-4416Instructor, LogisticsHenry County Center
Taylor, JohnAdjunct Faculty, Criminal JusticeGriffin Campus
Taylor, MelissaAdjunct Faculty, Respiratory Technology
Taylor, R.N., Christina(706) 646-6387Instructor, Practical NursingFlint River Campus, Griffin CampusBuilding 900, RM 302
Taylor, R.N., Veronica (770) 229-3320Instructor, Associate Degree NursingGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - office 305
Terrell, Johnny Adjunct Faculty, Air ConditioningFlint River Campus
Testing Center, .(770) 467-6031Griffin Campus
Thomas, Andrew(770) 228-7276 Coordinator, Special Services/Graduation CoachGriffin CampusStudent Support Services
Thomas, SunzieSpecialist, Distance EducationGriffin Campus
Thompson, Deborah(770) 229-3087Financial Aid TechnicianGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Thompson, SheilaAdjunct Faculty, Early Childhood EducationGriffin Campus
Thoms, Betsy(770) 487-8910Adult Education InstructorFayette County
Todd, Drew(770) 229-3065High School CoordinatorGriffin Campus
Tonnis, GinaAdjunct Faculty, EnglishGriffin Campus
Trautwein, JohnAdjunct Faculty, Automotive Griffin Campus
Traylor, Marquita(706) 646-6121Program AssistantFlint River Campus
Trevillion, TimCampus Police OfficerButts County Center
Trice, Bethany(770) 229-3048Coordinator, Institutional Effectiveness Griffin Campus
Troisi, Ken(678) 603-0981Campus Police ChiefGriffin Campus
Tucker, Annie(770) 229-3325Administrative AssistantGriffin CampusBuilding 900 - Rm. 204
Tucker, Carol(770) 229-3441Adult Education TeacherGriffin CampusAcademic Building, Bldg#800
Tyler, Lynn(706) 646-6332WIA CoordinatorFlint River CampusBldg A
Varga , Brittany(770) 412-5727Instructor, EnglishGriffin Campus
Venus, Tina(706) 646-6255Instructor, EnglishFlint River CampusA519
Vining, Rhonda(770) 412-4000Educational AideGriffin Campus
Votaw, Brandon(770) 467-4486Instructor, GA Film InstituteGriffin Campus
Votaw, Scott(770) 467- 6039Executive Director, Georgia Film InstituteGriffin Campus
Wade, Tahesha770/914-4417Instructor, Business ManagementHenry County Center
Wainwright, Jennifer(706) 646-6200Educational AideFlint River Campus
Wall, Brannen(770) 229-3135Bookstore AssistantGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Wall, CameronAdjunct, Adult EducationGriffin Campus
Wall, MisteyLab Assistant, Biology
Wallace, Laura(770) 229-3176Adult Education TeacherGriffin Campus
Waller, DexterGroundskeeperGriffin Campus
Ward, Curtis(770) 358-4859Adult Education TeacherLamar County
Ward, TheordoreAdjunct Faculty, Commerical Truck DrivingFlint River Campus
Watkins, James(770) 412-5705Data AnalystGriffin Campus
Watts, JamesCampus Police Officer
Weatherford, Angela(706) 646-6151Administrative Assistant to Vice PresidentFlint River Campus
Weathers, Celestine(706) 646-6185Administrative AssistantFlint River Campus
Weaver, Karla(770) 233-6195Department Chair, Business Technology; Instructor, Business Admin TechGriffin CampusRm 207A
Webber, RachelInstructor, Allied Health ScienceGriffin Campus
Weber, Kathryn(770) 233-6165Instructor, Early Childhood EducationGriffin CampusMobile 10
Wells, ShaylaAdjunct Faculty, Practical Nursing
Wells Rogers, Leila(770) 229-3070Director, Quality EnhancementGriffin CampusThe NET, Medical Building, 1st floor
Wertz, CandaceInstructor, Practical NursingGriffin Campus
Wheeler, ReneeAdjunct Faculty, Management Supervisory Dev.Griffin Campus
White, Leann(770) 228-7364ReceptionistGriffin Campus
White, Steven(770) 467-6041Instructor, Computer Information ServicesHenry County Center
White, TashinaAdjunct, Adult Education
Whitehurst, Mary AnnAdjunct Faculty, Accounting
Wiley, David(770) 467-6051Instructor, Welding TechnologyGriffin CampusRm 513
Willbanks, Margie(770) 229-3154Instructor, Design & Media GraphicsGriffin CampusRm 108
Williams, Cheryl(770) 412-4000Adult Education TeacherGriffin Campus
Williams, Cindy(706) 468-9930Administrative Assistant IJasper County Center
Williams, CliffordCustodian
Williams, KarenAdjunct Faculty, Arts and ScienceGriffin Campus
Williams, Kathleen(770) 229-3155Director, Library and Media ServicesGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Willingham, David(770) 229-3269Instructor, EnglishGriffin CampusMobile 1B
Willis, Maple(770) 412-4099CustodianGriffin Campus
Willis, Teresa(770) 229-3176Adult Education TeacherSpalding County
Willis, Virginia(706) 646-6200Educational AideFlint River Campus
Wilmoth, Timothy(770) 412-4587Technology Support SpecialistGriffin CampusBldg. 200
Wilson, James(706) 646-6156Instructor, MathematicsFlint River CampusRm 400-6
Wilson, Margaret(770) 467-6055Instructor, MathematicsGriffin CampusBldg 200
Wilson, Shelia(706) 646-6200Educational AideFlint River Campus
Woodall, Tommy(770) 467-6054Instructor, ElectronicsGriffin Campus
Worst, Bridgette(770) 412-5706Academic AdvisorGriffin CampusRm 600
Wright, Larry(770) 412-5713Instructor, Criminal JusticeGriffin Campus
Wright, Millicent(706) 646-6134CustodianFlint River Campus
Yevak, Kimberly(706) 646-6473Instructor, Business Administrative TechnologyFlint River CampusBldg A - Rm 220
York, Lisa(706) 646-6169Adjunct Faculty, CosmetologyFlint River CampusBuilding B