Venue Information

Conduct and Prohibited Items List

To ensure the health and safety of all venue visitors and staff, the following rules and regulations are to be observed at all times:

  • Be Considerate. The Stockbridge Amphitheater is a shared space. All guests, graduates, faculty, and staff have the right to enjoy the facility. The use of inappropriate language, harassing behavior, and/or public intoxication will not be tolerated. These behaviors, along with the following activities, are grounds for a guest’s expulsion from the venue:
    • Standing and/or taking pictures in the aisles
    • Sitting and/or standing on the shoulders of another guest
    • Throwing objects of any kind
  • Weapons are strictly prohibited, including, but not limited to, guns, firearms, stun guns, pocketknives, wallet chains, mace, and/or pepper spray.  The Stockbridge Amphitheater is a Weapons Free venue. 
  • Smoking and tobacco use are strictly prohibited, including, but not limited to, Vapes, E-Cigs, snuff, dip and chewing tobacco.  The Stockbridge Amphitheater is a Smoke and Tobacco Free venue. 
  • Illegal substances and their use are strictly prohibited.Guests found in possession of illegal substances will be escorted out of the amphitheater and will be subject to prosecution.
  • Drones flying on or over the property are prohibited, unless authorized by the venue staff.
Prohibited Items

Before entering the amphitheater, graduates and guests are advised to leave all prohibited objects at home or in their cars. Entry with forbidden items will result in dismissal from the venue. No options are available for prohibited objects that are left at the amphitheater entrances.

Please be aware that the Stockbridge Amphitheater and Southern Crescent Technical College assume no responsibility for any confiscated items.

Guests are PROHIBITED FROM BRINGING the following items into the Stockbridge Amphitheater:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Banners, posters, fliers, and/or signs
  • Beachballs, balloons, and/or frisbees
  • Bicycles
  • Blankets (used for seating)
  • Bottle openers and cork screws
  • Candles (with flame) and/or torches
  • Cameras (with detachable lens)
  • Chewing gum
  • Fireworks and/or explosives
  • Hoverboards
  • Illegal substances, drugs, and/or paraphernalia
  • Laser pointers and/or lighters
  • Lawn chairs (with canopies)
  • Lounge and/or chaise lounge chairs
  • Noise making devices
  • Motorized vehicles (Except wheelchairs)
  • Mace and/or pepper spray
  • Pets and/or other animals (Except service dogs.)
  • Political campaign materials (Including, but not limited to t-shirts, buttons, postcards, and fliers.)
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Skateboards and skates
  • Tobacco products or vape pens
  • Tables and/or “TV trays”
  • Tents and/or canopies
  • Umbrellas
  • Video and audio recording devices
  • Wagons and/or cartsWeapons, wallet chains, knives, guns, or stun guns of any kind