About Southern Crescent

College Publications

This page provides links to College Publications including the TCSG Policy and Procedure Manual, the Annual Report, and the Annual Security Report.

TCSG Policy and Procedure Manual

Southern Crescent Technical College is a member of the Technical College System of Georgia. As such, Southern Crescent Technical College follows all TCSG policies and procedures. The TCSG Policy Manual is available for review here. The new version of the Policy Manual has been reorganized and reordered. To assist in finding the new policy numbers, the Central Office has provided a crosswalk, available here.

SCTC Annual Report

Southern Crescent Technical College is pleased to share the Annual Report 2014–2015, which celebrates our academic programs, enrollment highlights, SCTC Foundation accomplishments, and the ways in which our current and former students are building successful careers and contributing to our community.

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Southern Crescent Technical College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is titled Engage to Learn, Learn to Engage. The QEP is designed to improve the “environment for student learning.” This study establishes faculty peer groups that will engage in collaborative mentoring focused on the science of learning and learning strategies. More information about the QEP, including the complete QEP Proposal, can be found here.

Annual Security Report

The 2016 Annual Clery Campus Security Report for Southern Crescent Technical College was prepared by a comprehensive team representing all campus sectors. Not only does this report comply with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, it is part of the College's ongoing effort to inform the community of the safety programs and services available and the steps you can take to maintain your safety and the security of others. To read the full report, visit the Campus Police web page located here.