Southern Crescent Technical College

26 Students Selected as GOAL Nominees

2020 SCTC GOAL Nominees
2020 SCTC GOAL Nominees

Southern Crescent Technical College recently announced the nomination of 26 students for the 2020 Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership (GOAL) at a reception held October 22, 2019. The annual GOAL program recognizes students who possess excellence in leadership and ability.

"The purpose of the GOAL program," said Ms. Cherryl Burks, GOAL Coordinator, "is to spotlight the outstanding achievement by students in Georgia's technical colleges and to emphasize the importance of technical education in today’s global workforce." The local GOAL winner will speak on behalf of Southern Crescent Technical College to promote technical education throughout the community and state.

A screening committee at Southern Crescent Technical College will review each of the instructors’ nominations then conduct personal interviews with the students. Finalists will then be chosen to compete to be the Southern Crescent Technical College GOAL winner for 2020.

The finalists will take part in another round of interviews and evaluations by representatives from local business and industry. That panel will consider the students’ qualities including academic achievement, personal character, leadership abilities and enthusiasm for technical education.

The student judged most outstanding will be designated as the college’s GOAL winner and move on to the regional preliminary judging; then three from each region, which will make up the nine finalists, will attend competition for the state GOAL award and selection as the Technical College System of Georgia’s 2020 student of the year where they will have the important responsibility of traveling the state as the ambassador for the entire technical college system.

Chosen for recognition by their instructors, the nominees from Southern Crescent Technical College include:


Name                            Program                                   Nominating Instructor

Katie Black                  Medical Assisting                     Mettie Hogan

Kiaria Britt                  Medical Assisting                     Christy Allen

Hope Chung                Nursing                                      S. Alls-Terrell

Normal Cline              Business Management            Dr. Frank Amaro

Hannah Coggins        Cosmetology                              Susan Allen

Kiri Day                       Radiologic Technology            Dana Breeser

Shane Digby               Industrial Systems                    Johnny Dodson

Kimberly Fritz            Medical Assisting                     Heather Pickett

Maria Gonzalez          Medical Assisting                     Sandra Fender

Danielle Gorman       Nursing                                       Angie Ballard

Jalessa Hare               Medical Assisting                      Sandra Fender

Kelsi Hudgeons          Medical Assisting                     Christy Allen

Jonathan Lee              Nursing Program                     Angie Ballard

Indiya Mangham        Medical Assisting                    Mettie Hogan

Amanda Marks           Practical Nursing                     Lacy Jackson

Michaela Osborne      Radiologic Technology           Dana Breeser

Crystal Paterson         Practical Nursing                     Lacy Jackson

Alyssa Roth                  Medical Assisting                    Heather Pickett

Shaundra Scruggs      Practical Nursing                     Allison Rogers

Bailey Smith                Medical Assisting                     Heather Pickett

Joseph Standridge     Culinary Arts                             Patrick Coutier

Jerrod Thomas           Industrial Systems                   Johnny Dodson

Jennifer Troxel           Nursing Program                     Samantha Bell

Jada Turner                 Medical Assisting                    Heather Pickett

Alexis Welch                Medical Assisting                    Mettie Hogan

Tyisha Yarbrough       Practical Nursing                     Allison Rogers