Southern Crescent Technical College

Griffin Utility Club Endows RN Scholarship

Griffin Utility Club
Utility Club Members Pictured L-R: Barbara Jo Cook, Vice President for Advancement – Southern Crescent Technical College; Former Griffin Utility Club President Yvonne Langford; Nancy Blake, Southern Crescent Technical College Trustee

The Southern Crescent Technical College Foundation received a donation of $31,500 on May 20, 2017, from The Griffin Utility Club for an endowed RN scholarship.  The Utility Club is dissolving after ninety years of volunteer service to the Griffin-Spalding County community and members recently voted to disperse the assets to organizations that the Club has supported.

Since the Club’s inception, the Griffin Utility Club and its members have supported various projects and scholarships in accordance with the mission of the organization. A general nursing scholarship was established in 1948 which will continue as an endowed RN scholarship at Southern Crescent Technical College.  The first Griffin Utility Club RN Scholarship will be awarded for Fall Semester 2018 and will become an annual award.

During The Utility Club’s history, members have averaged over 4,000 volunteer hours a year in community service endeavors and special projects supported by the organization. In addition, The Utility Club has donated thousands of dollars raised through club fundraising efforts to numerous community projects that have enriched the lives of Griffin and Spalding County residents.

In a joint proclamation from the Spalding County Board of Commissioners and the City of Griffin Board of Commissioners, the Boards recognized and paid tribute to The Griffin Utility Club for the many decades of accomplishments, contributions, and truly altruistic service made to the citizenry.  The legacy of The Griffin Utility Club is one that will live forever, thanks to the foresight and fortitude of community-minded members with servants’ hearts.  Since education efforts were a priority for The Griffin Utility Club, the legacy of the Club will live on through the lives of Southern Crescent Technical College students.