Southern Crescent Technical College

SCTC Board and Foundation Receive Honors for Commitment to Technical Education

SCTC Board Members


The Technical College System of Georgia recently held their 2017 Leadership Conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Savannah on November 7-8, 2017 where Southern Crescent Technical College was recognized for multiple outstanding achievements over the past year.

During the conference awards presentation, the Technical College Foundation Association of Georgia (TCFA) awarded the Southern Crescent Technical College Foundation the prestigious status of Role Model Foundation for FY2017 and the Southern Crescent Technical College Board of Directors was recognized for the fourth year in a row by the Technical College Directors Association of Georgia as a member of the 100 Percent Club.

SCTC President Dr. Alvetta Thomas stated, “I am thrilled that our Board and Foundation received these recognitions for their commitment of both time and effort to technical education and Southern Crescent Technical College. We understand that their time is very valuable and cannot thank them enough for their steadfast support and dedication to furthering the mission of the College."

The Role Model Foundation award was the third consecutive honor for the SCTC Foundation. In order to receive this status, the Foundation demonstrated that its members had engaged in best practices in nonprofit governance, board management, and operations; had policies in place to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, especially in financial matters; was led by a Board of Trustees whose members were actively engaged in the Foundation’s development activities; and supported the professional development and state level participation of their Trustees, Executive Director, and college advancement personnel.  The TCFA Role Model Foundation Board Certification is an annual certification process. Trustees also meet three individual criteria, which can include attending graduation, classes and events held by the College or the Foundation as well as committee meetings and professional development courses.

The SCTC Board of Directors remained a member of the 100 Percent Club with new board members David Campbell, Erin Cook, Kyle Fletcher, Walker Jordan, Michael Powell and John Rainwater all completing the required certification requirements this year.  This board acts both as an advisory and advocacy body for Southern Crescent Technical College in regard to program decisions and priorities to meet area business needs, a check and balance for the development and implementation of College goals and objectives, and support in the community and in the state toward workforce development efforts.

In a special tribute that evening, a donation of $500 was presented by the Technical College Directors Association of Georgia to SCTC Foundation Chair Jack Smith and Executive Director Barbara Jo Cook in memory of John Fish.  Fish was a member of the SCTC Board of Directors, mentor to many, and employed by Central Georgia EMC for more than 30 years who recently passed away.