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SCTC Launches TigerCARE Program

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Southern Crescent Technical College has created a new TigerCARE (Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation) team. The mission of the TigerCARE team is to provide a proactive and supportive interdisciplinary team approach to prevention, assessment, intervention, and management of situations that may impact the safety and well-being of individuals on the college campus.

Information about the TigerCARE Team and TigerCARE Program is on the Southern Crescent Technical College website at

Cherryl Burks, SCTC Director of Student Support Services, is the Chair of this new program. The TigerCARE team consists of a multi-disciplinary group of SCTC employees whose purpose is to meet regularly to support students, faculty, and staff by tracking any “red flags” over time, detecting patterns, trends, and disturbances in individual or group behavior.
The other members of the TigerCARE team include: Student Activities Coordinator Joel Bishop, Special Services Coordinator Teresa Brooks, Director of Enrollment Services Dr. Jasper Foust, Director of Human Resources Sharon Hill, Special Services Coordinator Mary Jackson, Director of Tutoring and Mentoring Liz Jester, Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Xenia Johns, Student Navigator Mariah Melquist, Athletic Coordinator Calvin Sinkfield, and Police Chief Ken Troisi.

“Southern Crescent Technical College’s goal is to promote a safe physical and emotional environment for members of the college campus as well as promote peace of mind for friends and family of the college community,” said Southern Crescent Technical College President Dr. Alvetta Thomas. “The TigerCARE team and TigerCARE program is one of the many tools that we utilize to accomplish these goals.”

The TigerCARE team focuses on the wellness concerns for others. This may include referrals about a person, an incident, or an issue of concern. It may include instances where there are violations of institutional rules or state and federal law. Any member of the college community may become aware of a troubling person or situation that is causing serious anxiety, stress, or fear. Individuals are encouraged to share these types of incidents with the TigerCARE team by emailing or filling out forms on line at However, in the case of an emergency or crisis, individuals should call 911 and contact campus safety immediately.

Behaviors that should be shared include: demeanor that represents a significant change in appearance, mood and/or social functioning; behavior that creates a disruptive or hostile campus environment; actions that potentially endanger the safety of any member of the SCTC community; conduct that impacts an SCTC community member’s physical and/or psychological well-being; actions that cause damage to personal or college property; and behavior that impacts the ability of students to learn, faculty to teach, or the college to conduct routine business.

Faculty, staff, students, and parents are encouraged to address their concerns with the individual prior to submitting a TigerCARE referral, although this may not always be possible. Disruptive behavior and violent threats or acts may be complex, intimidating and confusing. The concerning behavior witnessed, may be one small piece to a larger puzzle the more completely describes the person of concern. By sharing these and any other behaviors or incidents that may be impacting an individual’s ability to be successful with the TigerCARE team, appropriate resources can be applied.
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