Southern Crescent Technical College

SCTC Nursing Graduates Excel on Registry Exam

The latest cohort of student nurses enrolled in the Associate of Science in Nursing Degree at Southern Crescent Technical College (SCTC) put their final hours of clinicals and exams behind them at the end of Spring Semester and have spent the summer months preparing for one last hurdle to become a registered nurse - the NCLEX exam.

Southern Crescent Technical College is proud to announce that 23 students took and passed the exam on their first attempt, giving the school a 95.6 percent pass rate. The year-to-date national average for first-time testing on the NCLEX among associate degree nursing programs is approximately 84 percent, according to the National Council of State Board in Nursing.

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is a nationwide exam administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing to determine if a nursing graduate has the knowledge, skills and abilities to deliver safe, effective nursing care. Students are required to pass the exam after they graduate in order to continue their nursing careers. In order to take the NCLEX, students must successfully complete a nursing degree. They are tested on knowledge they would need as a beginning nurse and the test is revised every three years. In order to pass the exam, students have to answer higher level questions, some of which can have several parts that can become more and more difficult if they continue to get them correct.

SCTC President Dr. Alvetta Thomas said, “This accomplishment from our Nursing graduates is a tremendous example of SCTC's focus on developing and building strong students, strong careers, and strong communities. It serves as a testament to the quality of education our students receive in a profession in such high demand for the communities within our state and region. We are very proud of the accomplishments our students as well as the faculty who facilitate making that success possible. To have the strength of our program reflected on the licensure pass rates is a great tribute to the hard work invested by both faculty and students”.

The Associate of Science in Nursing Degree program is a six-term program and accepts students each Spring Semester. The curriculum is designed to produce highly-trained, technically advanced, competent, and caring individuals who are prepared to practice professional nursing in a variety of health care settings.

SCTC Dean for Allied Health Kimberly Register said “This was an exceptional group of student nurses and their hospitals and clinical facilities all spoke positively about their performance. After all the preparation, instruction, and now realization of student accomplishments, we are excited for each of their futures and we are pleased that many of them will be staying around this area to work and serve this community.”