Southern Crescent Technical College

SCTC to Offer Drone Certification Class

drone with camera being flown by person in background

Those interested in becoming certified drone pilots have a chance to do just that with a new program recently launched by the Southern Crescent Technical College Department of Continuing Education.

Southern Crescent Technical College has partnered with CrossFlight Sky Solutions, a Bluffton, South Carolina aviation company, to offer training for those interested in becoming FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilots.  This training will be an instructor led class and will cover FAA rules and regulations, airspace classifications, risk assessment tools, aeronautical decision making, weather and more, preparing students to take the mandatory Part 107 FAA exam.

This class is scheduled to be offered October 15-20, 2018.

CrossFlight CEO Jerry Whittaker stated “We are ecstatic about our relationship with Southern Crescent Technical College. Through this partnership we desire to create a wave of certified commercial FAA drone pilots, ready to begin and carve their careers in the exciting and fast growing drone technology industry.”

According to Steve Hendrix, Director of Economic Development at SCTC, this program is a week long course that prepares students to take the examination to become an FAA certified drone pilot. Students will be provided all materials including logs, air maps, drones and batteries for the class.

Hendrix continued, "Anyone who desires to use drones for any commercial or business purpose must be certified by the FAA. That includes law enforcement, emergency management, photography, real estate, inspections, construction, engineering, forestry, agriculture and any other commercial or business purpose.”

Certified pilots can use drones for such jobs as surveillance; aerial videography; aerial views of land, farms, architecture and construction; deliveries; and environmental monitoring and conservation, he added.

For more information on the class scheduled for the week of July 16 at Southern Crescent Technical College please contact Steve Hendrix at 770-467-6072 or