Southern Crescent Technical College

Welding Instructor Chris Patterson Receives Rick Perkins Award

Chris Patterson

Chris Patterson, Welding Instructor at Southern Crescent Technical College, was recently named the 2019 Rick Perkins Award for Excellence in Technical Education at a celebration held on January 23, 2019 on the Griffin Campus. The Rick Perkins Award is the equivalent to being named Instructor of the Year at Southern Crescent Technical College.

Patterson was named the Rick Perkins Award Winner after the original winner, Nursing Instructor Kim Register, was named Dean for Allied Health Programs at Southern Crescent Technical College and was no longer eligible as a candidate for the award. Dr. Alvetta Thomas, President of Southern Crescent Technical College stated, “At Southern Crescent Technical College, we are so fortunate that we have such a talented pool of instructors to draw from for this honor. Once Kim became ineligible, it was an easy decision to award this to our runner-up. Chris is an excellent instructor and truly has his students’ best interest at heart. I know that he is an equally wonderful recipient for this honor.”

Patterson stated that he “was extremely honored to be named the Rick Perkins winner, although he shares this honor with all of the dedicated instructors at the College.”

The Rick Perkins Award for Excellence in Technical instruction is awarded annually and is designed to recognize and honor technical college instructors who make significant contributions to technical education through innovation and leadership in their fields. Instructors are nominated for the Rick Perkins Award by their peers and competition among instructors occurs at the college, regional, and state levels.

Dr. Alvetta Thomas, President of Southern Crescent Technical College, continued, “Mr. Patterson has been recognized as Southern Crescent Technical College’s Rick Perkins winner because of his conscientiousness and genuine commitment as an instructor. I have witnessed his dedication to student learning, high professional standards, and cooperative spirit. His teaching methods and techniques are innovative and he always encourages his students to achieve at their highest level. Chris is an excellent representation of the quality faculty and staff at Southern Crescent Technical College and we wish him well as he goes on to represent the College at the next level of competition.”

In addition to Patterson and Register, finalists for the Rick Perkins Award included Dr. V. Maloof – Biology Instructor; James Peas, Early Childhood Care and Education Instructor; and Tahesha Wade, Business Management Instructor.

Patterson and other nominees were judged by a group of outside individuals. After winning the school title, Patterson will represent Southern Crescent Technical College as a state wide ambassador for technical education. The state Rick Perkins Award winner will be announced in April.