Incident Report Log

Latest Incident Report Log:

Case # Officer Complaint Complainant Status Date Closed Campus Sent Clery
0001-0106-2022 McDaniel Obstruction of LEO McDaniel Closed 1/6/2022 Griffin Yes No
0002-0107-2022 McDaniel Student Code of Conduct SCTC Closed 1/7/2022 Griffin Yes No
0003-0111-2022 Gibson Student Code of Conduct Violation Shannon Miller Closed 2/7/2022 Henry Yes No
0004-0113-2022 McDowell Lost Property Chaundra Brown Closed 1/13/2022 Griffin Yes No
0005-0120-2022 McDaniel Fire Alarm Activation SCTC Closed 1/20/2022 Griffin Yes No
0006-0121-2022 McDaniel Accident/Fall Employee Leah Santerre Closed 1/21/2022 Griffin Yes No
0007-0124-2022 McDaniel Police Information Detective Rowland Closed 1/24/2022 Off Campus Yes No
0008-0125-2022 McDaniel Police Information Alan Stanfield Closed 1/25/2022 Griffin Yes No
0009-0126-2022 McDowell Lost/Mislaid Property Derek Cruz Closed 1/26/2022 Griffin Yes No
0010-0126-2022 McDowell Student Code of Conduct Violation McDowell Closed 1/26/2022 Griffin Yes No
0011-0128-2022 McDowell Information for Officer Jeenann Hendon Closed 1/28/2022 Griffin Yes No
0012-0131-2022 McDaniel  Accident/Injury Employee Brian Hopkins Closed 2/1/2022 Griffin Yes No
0013-0131-2022 McDaniel Burglary SCTC Closed 1/31/2022 Griffin Yes Yes
0014-0207-2022 McDaniel Medical Assist – Student Dr. Hubbard Closed 2/7/2022 Griffin Yes No
00015-0210-2022 McDaniel Theft by Taken (Felony) Calvin Sinkfield Closed 2/10/2022 Griffin Yes Yes
0016-0214-2022 McDaniel Financial Transaction Card Fraud Jasmine Ragland Closed 2/14/2022 Flint Yes Yes
0017-0216-2022 McDaniel Student accident injury Zoe Falberg Closed 2/16/2022 Off Campus Yes No
0018-0221-2022 McDowell Medical Assist – Student Rosa Davis Closed 2/21/2022 Griffin Yes No
0019-0221-2022 McDowell Student accident injury Sajaya Rison Closed 2/22/2022 Griffin Yes No
0020-0223-2022 McDaniel Student accident injury Breanna Gansner Closed 2/23/2022 Griffin Yes No
0021-0302-2022 Nixson Accident/Injury Employee Jerome Smith Closed 3/2/2022 Fayette Yes No
0022-0304-2022 McDaniel Drunkenness McDaniel Closed 3/4/2022 Griffin Yes No
0023-0307-2022 G. Little Disorderly Conduct – Staff Debbie Hancock Closed 3/7/2022 Flint Yes No
0024-0308-2022 McDaniel Theft by Taken (MISD) Larry Pittman Closed 3/7/2022 Griffin Yes Yes
0025-0308-2022 McDowell  Accident/Injury Employee Billy Elliott Jr. Closed 3/8/2022 Griffin Yes No
0026-0309-2022 McDaniel Student accident injury John Wing Closed 3/9/2022 Henry Yes No
0027-0309-2022 McDaniel Student accident injury Mettie Hogan Closed 3/9/2022 Griffin Yes No
0028-0315-2022 Nixon Damage to Gov’t Property Nixon Closed 3/15/2022 Off Campus Yes No
0029-0323-2022 McDaniel Private Property accident Kimberly Mathews Closed 3/23/2022 Griffin Yes No
0030-0324-2022 Nixon Accident/Injury Employee Elizabeth Thoms Closed 3/24/2022 Fayette Yes No
0031-0328-2022 McDowell Accident/Injury Employee Andreea McDowell Closed 3/28/2022 Griffin Yes No
0032-0329-2022 McDowell Disorderly Conduct – Student McDowell Closed 3/31/2022 Griffin Yes No
0033-0331-2022 J. Little Information for Officer Jimmy Hipp Closed 3/31/2022 Griffin Yes No
0034-0401-2022 G. Little Disorderly Conduct Robert Hardman Closed 4/1/2022 Flint Yes No
0035-0404-2022 Adkins Information for Officer Audrey Baboi Closed 4/4/2022 Griffin Yes No
0036-0420-2022 Adkins Private Property accident Christle Ellington Closed 4/20/2022 Griffin Yes No
0037-0422-2022 G. Little Battery Debbie Hancock Closed 4/22/2022 Flint Yes No
0038-0426-2022 G. Little Injury (infant) Debbie Hancock Opened Flint Yes No
0039-0503-2022 J. Little Lost Property Robin Eckhardt Closed 5/3/2022 Griffin Yes No
0040-0517-2022 G. Little Accident-Injury Robert Hardman Closed 5/17/2022 Flint Yes No
0041-0601-2022 J. Little Accident-Injury Marty Helms Closed 6/1/2022 Griffin Yes No
0042-0609-2022 McDowell Medical Assist – Student Linda Matthews Closed 6/9/22 Griffin Yes No
0043-0609-2022 G. Little Information for Officer Mattie Hogan Closed 6/9/22 Off Yes No
0044-0609-2022 G. Little Medical Assist – Student Mattie Hogan Closed 6/9/22 Flint Yes No
0045-0621-2022 J. Little Accident-Injury Gabrielle Bulloch Closed 6/21/22 Flint Yes No
0046-0623-2022 G-Little Medical Assist – Student Mattie Hogan Closed 6/23/22 Flint Yes No
0047-0629-2022 G-Little Accident-Injury Tyrone Mccullough Closed 6/29/22 Flint Yes No
0048-0707-2022 C-Head Slip/Fall- Injury Jeannie Kimbell Closed 7/7/22 Griffin Yes No
0049-0707-2022 C-Head Damage to Property Raymond Purl Closed 7/7/22 Griffin Yes No
0050-0711-2022 A-Mcdowell Medical Assist- Visitor Kyle Meeks Closed 7/11/22 Griffin Yes No
0050-0721-2022 A. Nixon Miscellaneous Report A. McDowell Closed 7/21/22 Butts Yes No