Current Students



When is student email available to new students?

You may see your student email shortly after acceptance.  However, the standard is a week before classes begin.

Is it possible to access my classes in Blackboard before the semester starts?

Current students, returning and new students will have access to their classes on the first day of class.

Can online students use computer labs on the SCTC campuses?

Yes, student computer labs are open to all SCTC students.

Flint campus has one computer lab in the library.

Griffin has two computer labs - one is located in the library and the other is located in the medical building room 221.

Henry has one computer lab on the first floor.

Students will need to present their student id badge in order to work in the lab.

Types of Classes

V-Web Enhanced course: campus class using the internet via Blackboard component as an addition to the class.

K1-Hybrid course: includes 50% or greater instruction using the internet via Blackboard component.

K2-hybrid course: includes less than 50% instruction using the internet via Blackboard component.

O-Online course: taught using the internet via Blackboard component with the bulk of the course content occurring online.


Textbook Access Keys

Some online/hybrid classes require books with an 'access key' that is ONLY available with new books or purchased directly from the publisher. Please check with the instructor of your online course if you are not sure if an access key is needed.

How do I know I'm ready for online classes?

Southern Crescent provides the SmarterMeasure assessment to help you decide if you are ready for online classes.

SmarterMeasure is an assessment that measures learner readiness. SmarterMeasure is an indicator of the degree to which distance learning and/or learning in a technology rich environment will be a good fit for you. It will help you prepare to be successful as a student. You are not penalized for guessing on SmarterMeasure, so please enter an answer for each question on the assessment. Upon completion of SmarterMeasure you will receive a score report which will not only help you understand your strengths and opportunities for improvement, but will also provide resources to help you succeed. Remember, this assessment is strictly for your benefit. Take the time to rate yourself honestly.

Note: First Time User Login(Username) and Password = SCTECH ( all upper case)

Is Microsoft Office free for students?

Free Office 365

Because SCTC uses Office 365 for student email, currently registered students are eligible to download and install a copy of Office 365 (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) free of charge as long as they are registered students. Microsoft Access is not included in this version of Microsoft Office.

The only requirement for you is that you will need to login to your student email account to receive an email from Microsoft. If you do not know your student email  password, you will need to contact the student help desk or a faculty member to reset your password  All you have to do is browse to and click on the green “Find out if you are eligible” button and follow the on screen prompts.

We strive to help all students within 24 hours during school days, Monday through Thursday. All helpdesk request submitted Thursday after 5:00 pm until Monday morning will be answered on Monday as soon as possible.