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Blackboard Login [+]

What is your Username: Blackboard uses your SC Tech student ID#: (ex., 31_900XXXXXX) with the 31_ prefix as your Blackboard username. The prefix 31_ represents Southern Crescent Technical College. Blackboard Learning Management System is used by all 22 TCSG colleges (Technical College Systems of Georgia) all with a different two number prefix. Your SC Tech student number can be found in Banner Web class registration printout or your SCTC ID badge.

What is your Blackboard Password: For this first time login, your password is the same as your username: 31_ followed by your SC Tech student ID#: (ex., 31_900XXXXXX). It is recommended you change your password after first login.

If you are have logged into Blackboard before but are still having issues logging into Blackboard, follow the link at the bottom of the login form "Forgot Your Password" you should be able to reset your own password following those instructions. If you are still having issues, contact the Student Help Desk. Be sure to fill out all the information requested on the Help Desk form.

New Students: *Please Note if you are a first time student you will not be able to log into Blackboard until you are registered for a class. Then you will be able to sign in, but your classes will not be available until the first day of class. Also if you are registered for an upcoming semester and not the current one you may not be able to sign in until closer to the start date of that term.*

For Online Student Success

Are you Ready For Online Courses? If this is your first time taking online courses please take the time to go through Smarter Measure and, Technology-Skills-to-Help-Students-be-Successful-1 to see if you have the computer and online skills to be successful. You should also look over what Browser support and what your computer needs to run Blackboard

Blackboard instructional video [+] This video will help you login to Blackboard for the first time. It also familiarizes you with your Blackboard home page. On the home page will find the Student Self Enrollment for Blackboard Orientation and Training Course. This link will take you to a PDF that will go through process of self enrollment. Here is the link SELF ENROLLMENT - Blackboard Orientation Class for Students (PDF).

To utilize the training provided by Blackboard on Youtube use this link.

For more training provided by Blackboard on Youtube use this link.

If you have never taken an online class, this Blackboard training is vital to your success. If you have taken online classes before, but not with Blackboard, this training is still vital to your success.