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Student Email:

Students receive a student email when they register for classes. When you need to communicate with teachers or staff please use the school issued email. Any communication through alternate email addresses will not be considered as an acceptable form of communication for classes or communication with various departments at the college. It is necessary to communicate through the SCTC email for safety and tracking purposes in case of a need to find emails at a future date. This is not optional, it is mandatory.

Student email can be accessed at:

Important Dates to Remember:

Information is subject to change.

Withdrawal Information:   

Per the new Enrollment Processing Implementation Committee (EPIC) policy, students that withdraw from a course by the end of the third (3rd) instructional day of the semester will receive no grade for the course and will receive a 100% refund of applicable tuition and fees. Students who withdraw/drop a class as of the fourth (4th) instructional day of the semester will receive a “W” grade, which counts toward their financial aid SAP completion ratio, and will be charged 100% tuition and fees. No refunds.

HOPE considers withdrawn or dropped credit or learning support classes as attempted hours. Although you have not completed the course to earn a grade, these hours count toward the lifetime cap of hours that HOPE will pay toward a degree (127 semester hours). All hours attempted (including withdrawals) will count toward the evaluation of your GPA that will occur after you attempt 30, 60, and 90 semester hours -this is for ALL Hope recipients - and at the end of every spring semester - this is for associate degree seeking students only.

When you withdraw, the Federal Pell Grant is reduced according to the number of days in the semester you have completed. If you withdraw from SCTC, there is a possibility you will be billed for tuition and fees depending on your withdrawal date. Also the Office of Financial Aid considers ‘unofficial’ withdrawals when determining financial aid eligibility. If you stop attending courses and receive a grade of F due to your stop attending then financial aid will have to recalculate your eligibility to determine what portion of your financial aid you earned. A portion of those funds may be required to be returned, leaving you with a balance.         

Any student who has attended at least some portion of one class period will be submitted as "stopped attending" upon such time that he/she fails to attend class for a period of two weeks (traditional, web enhanced or hybrid) or fails to log on to on-line class for a period of two weeks or for a one week period for summer or a mini-mester course.   The instructor will submit the student as “stopped attending” by submitting the last date of attendance to the registrar via Banner Web.   If a student is submitted as having “stopped attending” but fails to withdraw by the stated deadline then he/she will receive a grade of F in the course.  

Visit the Academic Affairs office or log in to Banner Web to withdraw from a course.

Work Ethic:

Southern Crescent Technical College instructs and evaluates students on work ethic in all programs of study. Ten work ethic traits have been identified and defined as essential for students' success:  appearance, attendance, attitude, character, communication, cooperation, organizational skill, productivity, respect and teamwork.

Work ethic skills are vital in the workplace, because employers seek professionals who have a track record of excellent work ethic. Southern Crescent Technical College incorporates work ethic competencies into the curriculum, instructs students on work ethic attributes, and evaluates the work ethic skills of students in all programs of study.

During the fall and spring semester of each academic year, Southern Crescent Technical College designates one week to highlight work ethic and acknowledge students who have demonstrated excellent work ethic. Each student presented with a work ethic certificate of excellence is encouraged to update their resume to include this achievement.

All students are expected to utilize appropriate work ethic while enrolled. Any student found to have committed misconduct is subject to disciplinary sanctions outlined in the Student Disciplinary Policy and Procedures published in the Southern Crescent Technical College Student Handbook:

Classroom/Lab, Campus Policies, and Emergencies:

Classroom/Lab:  No food or drink is allowed in classrooms.  Please turn off cell phones and refrain from using headphones in class. Please be conservative with classroom materials and use equipment appropriately.

ID Badges, Dress Code, Student Parking, Smoking Areas, and Recycling Information:  Student ID badges must be worn and visible at all times while on campus.  Dress requirements will vary in the classroom, laboratory areas, and clinical sites. These requirements are designed to instill in each student a sense of order and respect for himself/herself, other students, and all employees of the College. If you do not park in designated student parking spaces, violators will receive parking tickets issued by campus security. Designated smoking areas are in gazebos located in various areas on campus. There are recycling bins on campus for discarded paper and plastic bottles. Please make every effort to keep our campus clean.

Emergencies:  Emergency evacuation plans are located in each classroom. Familiarize yourself with emergency exits.

Emergency Prepardeness

Campus Security

Campus Directory:

A full directory is located on the following website:


Griffin Campus (770) 228-7348                                                          Flint River Campus (706) 646-6148

Bookstore Griffin Campus (770) 229-3135                                         Bookstore Flint River Campus (706) 646-6158

Financial Aid Griffin Campus (770) 228-7368                                    Financial Aid Flint River Campus (706) 646-6138

Registrar Griffin Campus (770) 228-7362                                           Registrar Flint Campus (706) 646-6382

Library Griffin Campus (770) 412-4755                                             Library Flint River Campus (706) 646-6173

Library Hours (Griffin) 7:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m. M-Th                              Library Hours (Flint River) 8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. M-Th

*Library hours change during breaks and holidays.               *Library hours change during breaks and holidays.

Student Resource Links:




Current Student Resources


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Special Populations

Health & Wellness

Veterans Administration

Grants and Scholarships


Graduation Coach

Student Organizations

Graduation Information and Forms



Career Services:

One of the primary purposes of Career Services is to help Southern Crescent Technical College students decide on a viable program of study. There are tools available to SCTC students to help in degree/program selection. First there is Focus2. Focus is an online career assessment test that enables students to evaluate their personal qualities and job preferences. Using these assessment results, a Career Services counselor can help a student explore career fields and develop a personal career plan.  Another useful resource offered by Career Services is TIGERLINK which is an online job posting system. By setting up an account, SCTC students can access daily employer job postings. Students can also upload their resumes to an online resume book that can be viewed by registered employers.  Another feature of TIGERLINK is Resume Builder. Resume Builder is a resume development tool that offers students help in resume writing. Career Services staff is also available by appointment to help students either develop or refine a resume.

During the semester, Career Services offers workshops covering topics such as: resumes, work ethic, the interview and job search. Printed materials offering advice on interviewing, dress for success, job search strategies, and other related subjects are available as well. Career Services has offices in the library on the Griffin Campus and on the Flint Campus. Also Career Services staff will meet students at any of the Centers by appointment.

Career Services actively solicits job postings from area employers and notifies students and recent graduates of employment opportunities as they become available. It is impossible to guarantee each graduate a job; however, Career Services works to provide job leads and send graduates on appropriate interviews. Career Services strives to provide career choices for SCTC students and connect area employers with the talent they need to maintain productivity.

For more information on Career Services, please e-mail

Griffin Campus (770) 228-7348               Flint River Campus (706) 646-6418

Career Services

Quality Enhancement Plan: 

Southern Crescent Technical College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is titled Engaged to Learn, Learn to Engage. The QEP is designed to improve the “environment for student learning.” This study establishes faculty peer groups that will engage in collaborative mentoring focused on the science of learning and learning strategies. Faculty participants will apply what they learn in their mentoring program to their course curriculum so that students learn about practice and develop learning strategies of their own. The expected outcome of the QEP is that students who receive direct instruction and practice in learning strategies in the content of their courses will be more likely to report increased use of learning strategies in their preparatory study, as well as higher performance on assessments in their courses.

The NET (Center for Networking, Engaging and Training): 

The Center for Networking, Engaging, and Training (NET) serves the professional and academic development needs of faculty, staff, and students at Southern Crescent Technical College. Located on the first floor of the Medical Technology Building at the Griffin Campus, the NET provides a supportive environment for personal, professional and academic growth though participation in peer mentoring programs. At the NET, individuals are encouraged to engage one another in productive discussion about best practices in the workplace and the classroom and to innovate new ways to approach both teaching and learning.

The Net

Equity Statement:

Southern Crescent Technical College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, gender, religion, disability, age, political affiliation or belief, genetic information, disabled veteran, veteran of the Vietnam Era, spouse of military member or citizenship status (except in those special circumstances permitted or mandated by law). This nondiscrimination policy encompasses the operation of all technical college-administered programs,  programs financed by the federal government including any Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) Title I financed programs, educational programs and activities, including admissions, scholarships and loans , student life, and  athletics.  It also encompasses the recruitment and employment of personnel and contracting for goods and services.

The following persons has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies:  Title IX/Equity Coordinator (Griffin Campus, Butts County Center, Henry County Center, and the Jasper County Center) Toni Doaty, Griffin Campus, Room 303, 501 Varsity Road, Griffin, GA 30223, (770)228-7382,; ADA/Section 504 Coordinator (Griffin Campus, Butts County Center, Henry County Center, and the Jasper County Center) Teresa Brooks, Griffin Campus, Room 303, 501 Varsity Road, Griffin, GA 30223, (770)228-7258, tbrooks@sctech.eduTitle IX/Equity and ADA/Section 504 Coordinator (Flint River Campus and Taylor County Center)Mary Jackson, Flint River Campus, Room 252A, 1533 Highway 19 South, Thomaston, GA 30286, (706)646-6224, Title IX/Equity and ADA/Section 504, (Employee complaints) Sharon Irby, Griffin Campus, Human Resources, 501 Varsity Road, Griffin, Georgia 30223, (770)229-3454,  Any complaints filed against the Title IX/ Equity Coordinator or ADA/Section 504 Coordinator on any campus/center shall be handled by Xenia Johns, Griffin Campus, Room 700, 501 Varsity Road, Griffin, GA 30223, (770)228-7348,

Technical Education Warranty:

If one of our graduates educated under a standard program or his/her employer finds that the graduate is deficient in one or more competencies as defined in the standards, the technical college will retrain the employee at no instructional cost to the employee or the employer. The Technical Education Warranty applies to any SCTC graduate who is employed in the field of his/her training and is in effect for a period of two years after graduation.

Always read your college handbooks, course policies and procedures, syllabus and any other information provided to you from any member of the college in an effort to stay informed on all information pertaining to the college and what is expected of you as a student.

Student Handbook: