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 Free Office 365

Because SCTC uses Office 365 for student email, currently registered students are eligible to download and install a copy of Office 365 (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) free of charge as long as they are registered students. Microsoft Access is not included in this version of Microsoft Office.

The only requirement for you is that you will need to login to your student email account to receive an email from Microsoft. If you do not know your student email  password, you will need to contact the student help desk or a faculty member to reset your password  All you have to do is browse to and click on the green “Find out if you are eligible” button and follow the on screen prompts.




Blackboard LMS Training


Follow this link to a student view of a Blackboard Training Course Developed by GVTC

STUDENT SELF ENROLLMENT - BBL Training - Orientation for Students


Follow the training provided by Blackboard on Youtube use this link:


For more training provided by Blackboard on Youtube use this link:



Student Email

Login to E-Mail page

Video: Signing in to your SCTC student Email

Where to find your Student Email login.  Your Student Email Address can be found in Banner Web under Personal Information.

Student Email Password for first sign on is Tigers+<the last six digits of their student id> ex. Tigers123456. You will have to create a new password the first time you sign on. Please, remember your password.




Blackboard/Email Helpdesk

If you have a problem with Blackboard, Student Email or your Banner Web password then this is the place to get help.

Blackboard, Student Email and Banner Web Helpdesk

Helpdesk Video Instruction


Please, give helpdesk 24 hours to respond during the school week and until close of Monday business to respond to weekend requests. The response time may be more than 24 hours during the first two weeks of the semester.

Your student e-mail account is the primary means by which correspondence from the college can be viewed. You can retrieve your student e-mail address by visiting Banner Web then choosing “enter secure area”. It will open up two links. Choose “personal information”. Go to the link “personal email address” here you will find your personal Southern Crescent Technical College student e-mail address. Then use your student email address to set up your SCTC student email in Windows 365.

We strive to help all students within 24 hours during school days, Monday through Thursday. All helpdesk request submitted Thursday after 5:00 pm until Monday morning will be answered on Monday as soon as possible.

Please submit Blackboard, Student Emailand and Banner Web Helpdesk requests here.