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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make an appointment with a Peer Mentor?

A: You may call 770-229-3078 (Griffin) or 706-646-6179 (Flint River) or submit a request online (Request an Appointment), or drop by in person at the Tutoring and Mentoring Center to schedule an appointment. (Note that the NET will no longer manage student peer mentoring.)

Q: I am a faculty member and would like my students to know more about peer mentoring. How would a student become a peer mentor?

A: The Tutoring and Mentoring Center is always seeking qualified peer mentors! If your students have an interest in helping others or you would like to encourage them to develop a service-focused mentality and also benefit from the opportunity to stay fresh in topics they have already studied, then send your students to the Tutoring and Mentoring Center today!

Q: What is the password to login to the NET computers?

A: This information is located in the bottom right corner of the computer screen.

Q: How do I print?

A: The NET does not provide printing services.

Q: How do I check out items in the NET library?

A: To check out any of the NET materials you must be a current SCTC employee. Books are checked out for 8 weeks.

Q: Do you have WiFi?

A: The College has WiFi access, and you are welcome to use your laptops, tablets, and phones while in the NET. The NET staff ask that you be considerate and not disturb others when using your personal devices in the center.