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Academic Suspension Appeal Policy

A student who has earned a grade point average of less than 2.0 in a single semester will be placed on Academic Probation, and that student will be advised of this change in status by letter. While no action is required, it is recommended that the student take advantage of academic help or other intervention in order to have a more successful semester following this change in academic status.

In the event that the student earns a grade point average of below 2.0 in the semester following placement on Academic Probation, then the student’s academic status changes to Academic Suspension. At this point, the student will be notified by letter and an academic hold will be placed on the student’s account, which will prevent the student from registering for classes for the upcoming term. The student will have a choice to sit out for one semester without taking courses. In this case, it is recommended that the student take the necessary steps to ensure that, upon returning to the classroom, circumstances are optimal for his or her success academically.

Rather than sit out for a term, the student may choose to follow a formal appeal process. This process affords the student the opportunity to make a case before a committee to request that the suspension be lifted for the upcoming term. The process begins by requesting an appeal form from the Academic Affairs Office. The Request to Appeal document is also available on the College website. Appeal requests must be submitted no later than noon of the third day of the semester. Once the form is submitted, the student will be contacted to set up a hearing with a committee to discuss the academic suspension. The hearing must be scheduled no later than 3:00 pm of the third day of the semester, as well. This deadline must be observed in order to permit the student enough time to re-enter classes if the appeal is granted.

The committee’s decision concerning the suspension will be final. If the committee determines that the suspension may be lifted, then the following actions will take place: the student will receive guidance concerning academic and other support services available at the college, the hold will be lifted, and the student may register for classes. If the suspension is not lifted, then the student will need to sit out for a semester before returning to classes. Upon returning, the student will need to check in with Academic Affairs to ensure that the hold has been lifted before registering.

The student should understand that an Academic Suspension differs from a Financial Aid Suspension. If the student has been notified of a Financial Aid Suspension, then the student must also request a Financial Aid Suspension Appeal on the Request to Appeal document. An additional interview with the Financial Aid Office will be necessary in most cases.

Grade Appeal Policy

If a student receives a course grade which he or she believes is incorrect, the first step is for the student to discuss the disagreement with the instructor. If the student is not satisfied with the decision of the instructor, the student may complete a Request to Appeal and designate "Grade Appeal" in the appropriate section of the form. The request must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs. Once a completed Request to Appeal has been received, then a Dean for Academic Affairs will be notified and will convene the Grade Appeals Committee for resolution; a resolution will be rendered by the end of the semester that follows the semester where the grade was posted. The decision of the committee is final. Appeals must be made prior to the end of the semester after the grades were posted. Once a meeting date is set with the appeals committee, if the student does not show up for the appointment, the committee will automatically close the appeal. A student only receives one opportunity to present their information for the appeal. If there are unforeseen, verifiable circumstances that require the student to cancel the appeals meeting, the student will have one final opportunity to reschedule the meeting. If the student does not attend the final appointment the final class grade will stand.

Financial Aid Suspension Policy

Students who are on Financial Aid Warning and continue to fail are placed on Financial Aid Suspension. Students who are on suspension are NOT eligible for Financial Aid. Students have the right to appeal their first suspension. Financial Aid Max Time Frame Students cannot appeal Max Time Frame. Once you have exceeded the 150% time frame, you are no longer eligible for aid. Student may, however, submit a Max Time Frame Review Form if they feel they have not exceeded the 150% rule. Changing your program multiple times can affect your eligibility. Financial Aid: Right of Appeal by Students Placed on Financial Aid Suspension Financial aid recipients who have failed to meet SAP and who have been placed on Financial Aid Suspension may appeal in writing to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. Appeals must be written, specifically addressing the extenuating circumstances and must be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid within thirty (30) days of notification of the failure to make satisfactory progress. Supporting documentation must be provided or the appeal will be denied. If the appeal is approved, financial aid is reinstated changing the SAP status to probation. This allows the student only one semester to make satisfactory academic progress. Students who are on Financial Aid Probation and continue to fail SAP standards during their probationary semester, are then placed on Financial Aid Suspension. Students who are on suspension are NOT eligible for financial aid. During the semester the student is on probation, they must maintain a 2.0 GPA and a completion rate of 67%. If the appeal is not approved, financial aid is denied. Withdrawing during your financial aid appeal-approved semester will change your status to Financial Aid Suspension. The decision of the Financial Aid Appeals Committee is final. The Appeal form can be found on our website: Financial Aid Reinstatement To be reinstated for financial aid, the student must satisfactorily meet all elements of the institutional SAP policy.

Admissions Denial Policy

Admissions Appeal Applicants who feel they were unjustly denied admission to Southern Crescent Technical College may appeal to the Vice President for Student Affairs/Designee. This appeals process also applies to currently enrolled diploma students who desire to transfer into a degree program. In the event that an applicant is denied admission and the applicant desires to appeal the admissions decision, the individual may take the following steps:

1. The applicant may wish to review the admission requirements for that particular program with a counselor in the Admissions Office.

2. An appeal of a denial of admission may be made. Should the applicant choose to appeal, the process is as follows:

a. The applicant must appeal in writing to the Vice President for Student Affairs/Designee. The applicant should give an extensive explanation for the appeal and provide relevant supporting documentation. When the appeal form is submitted to the Vice President for Student Affairs/Designee, the appeals process will officially begin.

b. The Vice President for Student Affairs will assemble an Admissions Appeal Committee (five members minimum) which may include the following:

  • Non-voting facilitator: Department chair of an uncontested department
  • Vice President for Student Affairs/Designee)
  • Registrar
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs (or designee)
  • Dean for Academic Affairs or appropriate Academic Affairs Dean
  • Instructor from the Arts and Sciences Department

c. The Vice President for Student Affairs will call a meeting of the Admissions Appeal Committee. If the committee determines that the appeal is frivolous or without merit, the committee will deny the appeal without further review. If the appeal is legitimate, the committee may require a personal appearance by the petitioning student. After review by the committee, the appeal is either “Denied” or “Approved” with recommendations or conditions as stipulated by the committee.

d. The applicant will be notified (within ten (10) days) of the decision in writing from the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

e. If the applicant is dissatisfied with the findings of the committee, which may include the following:

  • Non-voting facilitator: Department chair of an uncontested department
  • Vice President for Student Affairs (or designee)
  • Registrar
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs (or designee)
  • Dean for Academic Affairs or appropriate Academic Affairs Dean he/she may request that the appeal form and documentation be forwarded to the President for further consideration. Such requests must be made in writing within ten (10) days of receipt of the committee’s decision. Failure to respond within the specified time will forfeit the right to appeal further.

f. After consideration of the committee’s report, the President shall make a decision within ten (10) days and notify the applicant in writing.

Request to Appeal a Grade, Suspension, or Admissions Denial

Request to Appeal

Students who wish to make a request to appeal a grade, an academic suspension, a financial aid suspension, or an admissions denial should complete this form.
  • Appeal Procedure

    The appeal process is provided to students who seek to substantiate a concern regarding an academic and/or financial decision rendered on behalf of the college. The following conditions must apply for an appeal to be brought before a committee for a hearing: • The Request for Appeal document must be completed and submitted to the Appeals Committee Chair within the specified deadline for the type of appeal requested; • Extenuating circumstances should have existed for the student during the academic term for which an appeal is being requested; • In the case of an academic suspension, the request must be filed immediately following the academic term wherein the student was placed on academic suspension. The student requesting an appeal should prepare to present his or her case to a committee. During the presentation, the student may present relevant documentation to support his or her case. Copies of the documentation presented to the committee must be submitted as evidence for the hearing and will not be returned to the student. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final. Disclaimer: Processes vary depending on the type of appeal.
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  • Describe your situation or circumstances and how they affected you or your academic or financial record at the college. Indicate dates and time periods involved, as well as specific course, instructor, grade, or other information relevant to your situation.
  • Explain how you have improved or intend to improve in the areas for which you need to make an appeal.
  • Describe the action that you wish the College to take regarding your appeal.
  • Please upload a copy of any supporting documentation that you would like to be considered during your appeal.
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  • Upon Completion of this Document

    The completed Request to Appeal may be submitted in paper, by fax, by email, or via this form, along with supporting documentation, to the Office of Academic Affairs or the Office of Student Affairs. Contact information is provided below.
  • Select the appropriate campus where you would like to submit your appeal. Each entry also features the telephone and/or fax numbers for that campus.