(If you have difficulty completing this process with Internet Explorer, use Google Chrome.)

  • Click on “Current Students” at the top of the home page screen.
  • Click on “Banner Web”.
  • Click on “Enter Secure Area”.
  • Login in using your user ID, which is your student number or social security number, and your pin is your birthday (mm/dd/yr).
  • Click “Student Services & Financial Aid”.
  • Click “Student Records”.
  • Click “Direct Deposit Request”.
  • Fill in your account information and submit by clicking “I Agree” if adding a new account or “Update Checking Account” if changing a previous account.

Note: Only checking account information may be entered online by the student. Please see the Business Office to set up a savings account.

  • If updating a previous account, you will again have to click “I Agree”.
  • The account information will remain in “pre-note” status until the Business Office verifies your account information. After your account has been verified, the status will change to “active”.

Note: The account information must be in “active” status in order to update to a different account number. Please see the Business Office to change or remove “pre-note” status accounts.


Student Direct Deposit Form