Important Please view the four minute Video  "Setting Up Your SCTC Student Email Account" before you set up your SCTC Email account.

Student e-mail Address can be found in Banner Web under Personal Information.

Student e-mail Password for first sign on:    Tigers plus the last 6 digits of you student ID (ex. Tigers456789  password is case sensitive)

You will have to create a new password the first time you sign on. Please, remember your password. If you forget your password and you have not set up the password retrieval system, you will need to create a helpdesk request.

Attention:  Student emails should be working. If you are still having trouble logging in please create a helpdesk request

Student E-Mail LOGIN


Blackboard/Student Email Helpdesk

Use the helpdesk if you still cannot retrieve or remember your Student Email password or you have an issue setting up your e-mail account. Be sure to fill out the entire helpdesk request.

(Please, give helpdesk 24 hours to respond during the school week and until close of Monday business to respond to weekend requests.)Your student e-mail account is the primary means by which correspondence from the college can be viewed. You can retrieve your student e-mail address by visiting BannerWeb then choosing "enter secure area". It will open up two links. Choose "personal information". Go to the link "personal email address" here you will find your personal Southern Crescent Technical College student e-mail address. Then use your student email address to set up your SCTC student email in Office 365.