Current Students


Graduation Coach

This is who I am:
Dr. Colandra Taylor, Graduation Coach.

This is what I do:
I assist students in getting on track academically by providing Individual Graduation Plans. In addition to that, I help students with study skills, time management skills, organizational skills, test-taking skills, test anxiety, and overall life management skills.

This is why you would come to me:
You would come to me if you are struggling academically, and in need of assistance to achieve your goals.

This is how I will help you:
Depending on your needs, we can meet individually to develop a targeted action plan or graduation plan that will help you academically. I will also deliver additional services to you in group settings including college success seminars, life-skills workshops, academic coaching, college survival information, and much more.

This is how you get here:
I am in mobile unit 6B on the Griffin Campus and the Academic Affairs Office on the Flint River Campus. You can also contact me by phone (770-228-7276) or email (

Special Notes:
I look forward to assisting you achieve success at optimal levels, graduating on time, and reaching your career goals.