SchoolCast – Staff

SchoolCast Dashboard Guide – Staff

Overview: Southern Crescent Technical College uses SchoolCast by High Ground Solutions to send employees
emergency and non-emergency alerts. An example of a non-emergency alert would be a school closing notification while
an example of an emergency alert would be a tornado warning. When your employment starts, an account is created
for you. Please take a moment to login and review/update your contact information.

  1. Logging into the SchoolCast Dashboard.
    Using your browser, go to and enter your
    email address without the and your password.
    Please note: If you are an admin, please login with the separate directions you have
  2. Locating your dashboard
  3. Some of my information is missing. How do I add it?
    Your account was created using information from Banner. The most important number that you can add or update is your cell phone. You may also add other contact numbers and email addresses.
  4. How do I edit an existing contact?

  5. How do I make sure that my cell phone is contacted first?
  6. I have some contact methods that should only receive a message during an emergency. How do I make sure a number/email is only contacted in the event of an emergency?
  7. I have some contact methods that I would like to restrict the type of messages they can receive (SMS Text or
    Voice). How do I control this?

  8. I accidently deleted a message/email alert. How do I go back and listen/read it now?