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Interlibrary and Intercampus Loan Requests

The Libraries’ Intercampus Loan service allows active students, faculty and staff to request materials to be transferred between campus libraries. To request a book or article through Interlibrary Loan, you must provide complete and accurate bibliographical information. The reference staff can help you find the information you need. Turn around time for Interlibrary Loan is usually 14 days or longer. Sometimes delivery is faster if the lending library is in the Georgia region. Click on the link above to get started!
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  • Applicable for Journal Article Requests

Request for Bibliographic Instruction

Please schedule your request for bibliographic instruction and library research hours at least a week in advance.Please provide as much information as possible. You may be contacted for additional information if needed.


Welcome to the Faculty Resources page.  Here you will find library services and materials that can augment your course offerings and professional development.

Why should you ask a librarian to be "embedded" in your Blackboard course?

"Twenty-first century librarians engage in scholarly research, collection development, teaching, instructional design, and information technology. These skills and experience transfer well to the LMS (Learning Management System)
environment where users opt to start research. Student-centered Embedded librarianship embraces these new opportunities to disseminate knowledge electronically, globally, and immediately in the age-old quest to promote teaching and learning. Learners today are no longer bound by the prior limits of physical space, time, and
access. Their information landscape has become simultaneously larger and more complex as publishing paradigms shift from print to electronic and from proprietary to open access, and content is no longer place-bound but accessible on mobile devices. Many users need an information specialist who will provide instruction in information literacy so they may pursue their academic and professional goals."


If you have any comments, questions or concerns please contact us at or 770-229-4755.