Major Code Griffin Flint Center
Applied Technical Management
Applied Technical Management (AAS) AS33 X
Accounting (AAS) AC13 X Henry
Accounting (Diploma) AC12 X Henry
Computerized Accounting Specialist (TCC) CAY1 X Henry
Office Accounting Specialist (TCC) OA31 X Henry
Payroll Accounting Specialist (TCC) PA61 X Henry
Tax Preparation Specialist (TCC) TPS1 X Henry
Enrolled Agent (TCC) EAE1 X Henry
Business Technology
Business Technology (AAS) BA23 X X
Business Technology (Diploma) BA22 X X
Administrative Support Assistant (TCC) AS21 X X
Microsoft Office Applications Professional (TCC) MF41 X X
Technical Specialist (TCC) TC31 X X
Consumer Economics
Consumer Economics (AS) CE33 X
Management Supervisory Development
Business Management (AAS) MD13 X Henry
Business Management (Diploma) MD12 X Henry
Entrepreneur Management (TCC) EE71 X Henry
Human Resource Management Specialist (TCC) HRM1 X Henry
Management and Leadership Specialist (TCC) MAL1 X Henry
Service Sector Management Specialist (TCC) SSM1 X Henry
Small Business Management Specialist (TCC) SB41 X Henry
Supervisory/Management Specialist (TCC) SS31 X Henry
Logistics and Supply Chain Management (AAS) LAS3 Henry
Paralegal Studies
Paralegal Studies (AAS) PS13 X
Paralegal Studies (Diploma) PS12 X
Paralegal Fundamentals (TCC) PF21 X