Major Code




Air Conditioning Technology
Air Conditioning Technology (AAS) ACT3 X X
Air Conditioning Technology (Diploma) ACT2 X X
Air Conditioning Technician Assistant (TCC) AZ31 X X
General Maintenance Mechanic (TCC) GM41 X X
Heating and Air Conditioning Installation Technician (TCC) HAA1 X X
Light Commercial Air Conditioning Specialization (TCC) LC11 X X
Auto Collision Repair
Auto Collision Repair (Diploma) ACR2 X
Automotive Refinishing Assistant I (TCC) ARA1 X
Automotive Refinishing Assistant II (TCC) AP71 X
Automotive Collision Repair Assistant I (TCC) AB51 X
Automotive Technology
Automotive Technology (AAS) AT23 X
Automotive Technology (Diploma) AT14 X
Automotive Fundamentals (Diploma) AF12 X X
Auto Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician (TCC) AE41 X X
Automotive Chassis Technician Specialist (TCC) ASG1 X X
Automotive Climate Control Technician (TCC) AH21 X X
Automotive Engine Performance Technician (TCC) AE51 X X
Automotive Engine Repair Technician (TCC) AE61 X X
Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Tech Specialist (TCC) AA71 X X
Carpentry (Diploma) CA22 X
Construction Management (Diploma) CM12 X
Cabinet Making Assistant (TCC) CC71 X
Certified Construction Worker (TCC) CCW1 X
Framing Carpenter (TCC) FC71 X
Commercial Truck Driving
Commercial Truck Driving (TCC) CT61 X Butts, Jasper
Diesel Equipment Technology
Diesel Equipment Technology (Diploma) DET4 X Butts
Drafting Technology
Drafting Technology (AAS) DT13 X
Drafting Technology (Diploma) DT12 X
Electrical Construction and Maintenance
Electrical Systems Technology (Diploma) ES12 X
Industrial Electrical Controls (TCC) IE31 X
Electrical Technician (TCC) ET51 X
Photovoltaic Systems Installation and Repair Technician (TCC) PS11 X X
Electronics and Telecommunications
Electronics Technology (AAS) ET13 X
Electronics Technology (Diploma) ET14 X
Electronics Fundamentals (Diploma) EF12 X
Environment Horticulture
Horticulture (AAS) EH13 X
Horticulture (Diploma) EH12 X
Garden Center Technician (TCC) GC31 X
Landscape Specialist (TCC) LS11 X
Industrial Systems Technology
Industrial Systems Technology (AAS) IS13 X X
Industrial Systems Technology (Diploma) IST4 X X
Industrial Electrician (TCC) IE41 X X
Industrial Fluid Power Technician (TCC) IF11 X X
Industrial Motor Control Technician (TCC) IM41 X X
Programmable Control Technician (TCC) PC81 X X
Machine Tool Technology
CNC Technology (Diploma) CT12 X
Machine Tool Technology (Diploma) MTT2 X
CNC Specialist (TCC) CS51 X
Lathe Operator (TCC) LP11 X
Mill Operator (TCC) MP11 X
Plumbing and Pipefitting Technology (Diploma) PT32 X
Plumbers Assistant (TCC) BP11 X
Plumbing Technician (TCC) PT11 X
Intermediate Plumbing Technician (TCC) IPT1 X
Advanced Plumbing Technician (TCC) AP61 X
Pipefitting Technology (TCC) PT31 X
Basic Pipefitter(TCC) BP21 X
Intermediate Pipefitting Technician (TCC) IP31 X
Advanced Pipefitting Technician (TCC) AM71 X
Welding and Joining Technology
Welding and Joining Technician (Diploma) WA12 X X
Welding and Joining Technology (Diploma) WAJ2 X X
Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder (TCC) FS31 X X Jasper
Gas Metal Arc Welder (TCC) GM31 X X Jasper
Gas Tungsten Arc Welder (TCC) GTA1 X X Jasper
Vertical Shielded Metal Arc Welder Fabricator (TCC) VSM1 X X Jasper