Video FAQs

What you need to know about Fall Session 2

Do I still have time to apply for Fall Semester?

I was just accepted and now I need to register, what do I do?

I am a current student, why do I need to complete a new FAFSA?

What should I expect as a Dual Enrollment student?

How do I purchase uniforms for the Fall Semester?

How do I purchase books and supplies for Fall Semester?

Do I have time to receive Financial Aid for Fall Semester?

What is the Veterans Center at SCTC?

How do I sign up for free GED prep classes?

When do classes begin for Fall Semester?

Do I need to be accepted to SCTC before completing the FAFSA?

Will SCTC be adding more classes for Fall Semester?

I have a compromised immune system but want to finish my classes, what are my options?

What happens if my financial situation changes?

What is the most critical step to ensure my success at SCTC?

How are we keeping your safety in mind at SCTC?

How will labs operate for the Fall Semester?

How will Fall Semester classes be offered?

What services does SCTC offer for Veterans?

How do I register for the GED examination?

What is Blackboard?