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Basis Training For Supervisors Level 1

with Bill Frazier

Next session: July 24th to 25th, 2024

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This 16-hour class, focuses on enhancing participants' effectiveness as supervisors in today's dynamic workplace. Through dialogue, discussions, and practical examples, students gain critical professional abilities and skills necessary for successful supervision. The course covers the role, responsibilities, and challenges of supervision in diverse workplaces, providing participants with the confidence to lead effectively. Emphasizing interactive learning, participants engage in class discussions and activities aimed at improving their supervisory knowledge and skills. This training is suitable for those transitioning into supervisory roles or with minimal supervision experience, offering a foundational understanding for further development. Successful completion leads to a completion certificate with relevant CEUs, and further levels of Basic Supervisor Training are available.


Participants will cover severaltopics:

*Supervision in the 21st century workplace

*Conflict Management  

*Communication and Listening for results

*Delegating Effectively and successfully  

*Motivation techniques

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with Bill Frazier

Next session: August 13th, 2024

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt professionals are valuable assets within an organization. This training will enable you to collaborate successfully while serving as a project team member and basic organizational improvement resource.

The Six Sigma + Lean Yellow Belt course introduces the basic framework, skills and tools of Lean Six Sigma and process improvement. The session serves as a platform for continued growth as a Six Sigma practitioner.

Course topics include Six Sigma + Lean:

* Overview & Foundations

* Terminology

* DMAIC Improvement Process

* Principles and Practices

* Introduction to projects

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with Bill Frazier

Next session: December 9th to 13th, 2024

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The Green Belt Program provides participants with an overview of Six Sigma as well as key concepts associated with effective project teams. Green Belts receive a subset of the more comprehensiveBlack Belt curriculum.

Green Belts will learn a structured problem-solving methodologyfor addressing business improvement projects, intermediate-level quality tools within that methodology, and how to generate bottom-line financial results. The program focuses on the DMAIC model for process improvement and the relevant Intermediate-level statistical and graphical tools within that model.

Participants will coverseveral phases:

* Define Phase

* Measure Phase

* Analyze Phase

* Improve Phase

* Control Phase

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Basic Training for Supervisors level 2

with Bill Frazier

Next session: September 25th to 26th, 2024

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This 16-hour class, expands on the topics covered in BTS Level 1 to enhance participants' effectiveness as supervisors in today's diverse workplace. Through dialogue, discussions, examples, and references, students develop critical professional abilities, knowledge, and skills necessary for this organizational role. The course explores successful goal achievement in complex, diverse workplaces, emphasizing teamwork and organizational dynamics. Participants engage in class discussions and activities to improve their adaptability to change, diversity, and conflict. While prior completion of Level 1 is preferred, there are no prerequisites for enrollment. This training assumes a basic understanding of supervision and encourages ongoing improvement. Level 3 of Basic Supervisor Training is available for further development.


Participants will cover several topics:

*Setting SMART goals and objectives

*Problem solving and decision making

*Supervising and Leading a Diverse workforce

*Changing yourself to become more effective   

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Basic Training for Supervisors level 3

with Bill Frazier

Next session: November 13th to 14th, 2024

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This two-day class, is a continuation of Levels 1 and 2, it focuses on equipping supervisors with essential knowledge and skills for the modern workplace. Participants delve into systems thinking to understand organizational dynamics and explore methods for improving performance through effective management and coaching. Emphasis is placed on workplace communication, behavior modeling, and networking to enhance supervisory influence and achieve organizational goals. The class concludes by encouraging participants to reflect on their personal and professional growth, emphasizing the importance of continuous development for future effectiveness.


Participants will cover several topics:

*Systems thinking and the five disciplines

*The data tells the story

*Understanding the hawthorn effect  

*Coaching and changing the workforce   

*Effective Networking