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Forklift Operator Safety

with Larry Pittman

Next session: June 10th to 11th, 2024

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Please Note: This class requires attendance for two days: Monday 8am - 3pm and Tuesday 8am - 12pm.

Our on-site forklift program teaches participants how to identify specific health and safety hazards in the workplace associated with operating a powered industrial stand-up and sit-down forklift. Those who meet the minimum standards for safety, forklift operation, and manuevering receive a SCTC certificate of completion and wallet card.  

Topics covered include:

  • Forklift safety and accident avoidance
  • Lift truck capacity, load center, and center of gravity  
  • Powered industrial truck types and classifications
  • Procedures for picking up, traveling, stacking, and dropping loads
Original source: https://pixabay.com/get/g2c67649edd47c369a7b2993e10e9b2d84dd6849c990eb2db01edb77e8ad65c3fb68521ee971df2aef948a27e325025b0964ea2be063385817aa68bd2f1860664_1280.jpg

OSHA 30 Hour Safety

with Danny Raines

Next session: June 24th to 27th, 2024

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OSHA30 - SCTC 2024 Flyer_JUNE 2024


The OSHA 30 class is a comprehensive safety training program designed to educate workers and supervisors about workplace safety and health standards. It covers a wide range of topics including hazard recognition, prevention, and mitigation, ensuring compliance with OSHA regulations.

 The course spans 30 hours and includes interactive modules, case studies, and practical examples to enhance understanding. Successful completion provides participants with a certification that is highly valued in various industries, promoting a safer and more compliant work environment