Academic Calendar and Student Activities

American Heart Month Presentation

The library is hosting two presenters, Tina Marie Marsden, a LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) ambassador and Katherine Sylvester from Operation Mist (a pregnancy health monitoring organization). Tina will speak on Invisible Illnesses such as PPCM emphasizing some of the most critical patients are hidden in plain sight. I will connect this to my left...

Black History Month Unity Walk

Celebrating and remembering the history and significane of many important icons. Joins us at the flag pole at your SCTC location for this Unity Walk. Snacks and giveways provided.

Study Hall

Students are invited to stop by for assistance with any subject. Sponsored by Equity from Start to Finish and KOBE.

KOBE Meeting

Griffin - Event Center GA, United States

Mia Hann will be our guest speaker. She is a domestic violence survivor, a force for change, a compassionate leader, and a symbol of resilience. Her journey, from hardhsip to empowerment, serves as an inspiration to all, proving that love, family, and determination can transform lives and communities. All students are invited to attend.