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Campus Safety/Security Check-In

If you are on campus, Check-In using the Campus Safety/Security – Web Check-In Station.

If you go to another building or campus, Check-In to your new location.

Having an accurate log of faculty/staff locations while on campus is vital to ensuring everyone’s health and safety, should the need for contact tracing arise.

Important Dates

  • June 30: Withdrawal Deadline
  • July 5: College Closed
  • August 24: Fall Semester Begins

2020 State of the College

2020 State of the College Address by President Alvetta Peterman Thomas

Faculty and Staff Meeting (3/3/2021)

We Get Excited!

We are Excited!

Crescent Café News and Menu

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Accessibility Resources

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information + Updates

Congratulations to the Students and Faculty Highlighted in the Scott Wright Student Essay Contest

Each year, the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) holds the Scott Wright Student Essay Contest. The competition honors the memory of Scott Wright, past editor of Community College Week and winner of the 1998 Award for Excellence in Higher Education Journalism. To participate in the contest, students at NISOD member colleges describe a faculty member, staff member, or administrator who encouraged him or her to complete a course, finish a semester, or graduate from college, and how that encouragement helped him or her reach their goals. The following SCTC students wrote a tribute to a member of the SCTC faculty and received an honorable mention in this year’s competition.

  • Overcoming My Fears
    • Brenton Small, Carpentry student
    • Essay spotlight: William Pickett, Carpentry Instructor
  • Above and Beyond
    • Nicole Granger, Radiologic Technology student
    • Essay Spotlight: Dana Breeser, Radiologic Technology Instructor
  • Not only a teacher but a wonderful mentor
    • Tiffany Bassett, Medical Assisting student
    • Essay Spotlight: James Anderson, Emergency Medical Services Instructor
  • Inspiring to Purpose
    • Marla Agee, Cardiovascular Technology student
    • Essay Spotlight: Janice Bush, Cardiovascular Technology Instructor

Congratulations to our State of the College Trivia winners!

  • Lacey Ellis – GRAND PRIZE WINNER
  • Rosanna Dove – 2nd place
  • Ervin China – 3rd Place
  • Steve Hendrix – 4th Place
  • Christy Allen – 5th Place
All other winners:
  • Denise Barbour
  • Miling Belvin
  • Teresa Brooks
  • Sean Brumfield
  • Alexis Byrd
  • Toni Doaty
  • Gail Daniel
  • Wendy Gladden
  • Mettie Hogan
  • Kim Jenkins
  • Roslyn McCurry
  • Lemy Mercado
  • William Pickett
  • Kimberly Register
  • Ashante Sebede
  • Jessica Smith
  • Keith Smith
  • Kathlyn Strozier
  • Robin Swain
  • Patricia Townsend
  • Brannen Wall
  • Anita White


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