Student ID

Note: Your Student ID must be worn when on campus.

Student ID cards are required and must be worn by students at all times while on campus.  IDs can be made in the Library on the Griffin Campus, the Flint River Campus and in Building A, room 126 in the Henry County Center.  You will need to present a copy of your current schedule, and a picture ID to obtain your student ID card and present your current schedule each semester to update your card with a current term sticker.

IDs are used to access financial aid when buying books and supplies. Some places also offer discounts to students with an ID.

If the ID is lost or stolen, there is a $5.00 replacement fee. Please bring the receipt paid and your current class schedule.

You can pay the fee at:

  • Griffin Campus: You need to pay at the Business Office
  • Flint River Campus: You need to pay at the Cashier window
  • Henry County Center: You need to pay at the Front Desk

You can get your ID made at:

  • Griffin Campus: Library (second floor of the technology building)
  • Flint River Campus:  Building B – Room 202
  • Henry County Center: Room 126

Student IDs are available at ROAR and any day afterwards that the Library is open.

When you come to the Library to get your Student ID please have your current class schedule.

Returning students, please present your Student ID and current class schedule and the Library staff will update with a current sticker.