Annual SCTC Spring Plant Sale

The Annual Southern Crescent Technical College Spring Plant Sale will be held on May 5, 2022 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Southern Crescent Horticulture Greenhouse on the Southern Crescent Griffin Campus. The perfect kick-off to Spring, this exceptional shopping opportunity will feature a wide variety of annual, perennial, succulent, and vegetable plants grown by the Southern Crescent Technical College Horticulture students.

Plant Availability List

Plant Type Pot Size
Tomato 'Beefsteak' 1 gallon
Tomato 'Roma' 1 gallon
Tomato 'Cherry' 1 gallon
Cucumber -Garden Bush 1 gallon
Sweet Bell Peppers 4 inch
Jalepeno Pepper 4 inch
Cayenne Peppers 4 inch
Sweet Banana Peppers-Hot 4 inch
Cilantro 4 inch
Purple Basil 4 inch
Parsley 4 inch
Green Basil 4 inch
Tomatos (Cherry, Beefsteak, Bodacious) 6-pack
Cucumber (Muncher, Spacemaster) 6-pack
 Zinnias 'Cut and Come Again' 4 inch
Zinnias 'California Giant' 4 inch
Zinnias 'Peppermint Stick' 4 inch
French Margolds 'Double Dwarf' 4 inch
Mixed Marigolds 4 inch
Cosmos 'Bright Lights' 4 inch
Celosia 4 inch
Sunflowers 'Dwarf Sunspot' 1 gallon
Aloe vera 5-6 inch round
Aloe vera 1 gallon
Aloe vera 14 inch decorative pot
Aloe vera xlarge, 3 gallon
Echeveria 'Pine Cone' 5-6 inch round
Echeveria 4 inch round
Echeveria 5-6 inch round
Echeveria 1 gallon/square 6 inch
Echeveria 10 inch decorative pot
Jade large jade
Mixed Combo Container Succulents decorative saucer
Bunny Ear Cactus 2 inch square
Wandering Jew 2 inch square
Boston Fern Hanging Baskets Hanging Basket
Succulent Hanging Baskets Hanging Basket
Various Perennial Plants 1 gallon

Plant Photos

Large Tomato


Sweet Bell Pepper



Large Echeveria

Mixed Combo
Container Succulents

Wandering Jew

Succulent Hanging