Special Populations

Special Populations Services are available to support and serve students who are from economically disadvantaged families, including foster children, preparing for non-traditional fields, limited English proficient, single parents, including single pregnant women, displaced homemakers, or disabled individual.

An economically disadvantaged student is an individual receiving PELL, WIA, TANF, Vocational Rehabilitation, etc.

A student in a non-traditional program is a student who has chosen to enter training in a field that is dominated by persons of the opposite gender, such as, a male in nursing, or a female in automotive technology.

Limited English proficient students do not use English as their primary language or has limited ability to write or understand English.

A single parent student is an individual who is unmarried or legally separated from a spouse and has a minor child or children for whom the parent has either custody or joint custody.

A displaced homemaker is an adult, who is divorced, widowed, separated or has a disabled spouse and is unemployed or underemployed. The displaced homemaker is also one who has worked primarily without pay to care for a home and family and for this reason has diminished marketable skills.

Special Populations Services offer a wide range of support services that may include admissions and career counseling, assessments, textbook lending, tutoring, mentoring, and community resource referrals. The program also offers workshops and seminars that deal with life management issues, academic preparation and career testing, and exploration. For more information contact the Assistant Director of Student Support Services, Griffin Campus, 501 Varsity Road, Griffin, Georgia 30223, 770-228-7382 or Special Services Coordinator, Flint River Campus, 1533 Hwy. 19S, Thomaston, GA 30286, 706-646-6224.

Lending Library Online Application

Special Population Survey

(Submit to eben.risper@sctech.edu,(Griffin Campus, Fayette County, and the Henry County Center) mary.jackson@sctech.edu, ( Flint River Campus, Butts County, and Jasper County Center)

Individuals Responsible for Addressing Complaints

Eben Risper, eben.ripser@sctech.edu

Assistant Director of Student Support Services Special Populations
Title IX/Equity Coordinator
Serving Students on the Griffin Campus,Henry County Center, and Fayette County Center.
Telephone number: 770-228-7382

Teresa Brooks, teresa.brooks@sctech.edu

Special Services Coordinator/Sign Language Interpreter Disabilities
ADA/504 Coordinator
Serving Students on the Griffin Campus, Henry County Center, and Fayette County Center.
Telephone number: 770-228-7258

Mary Jackson, mary.jackson@sctech.edu

Special Services Coordinator
Special Populations and Disabilities
Title IX/Equity and ADA/504 Coordinator
Serving Students on the Flint River Campus, Butts County, and the Jasper County Center.
Telephone number: 706-646-6224

Any complaints filed against the Title IX/ Equity Coordinator or ADA/Section 504 Coordinator on any campus/center shall be handled by the Vice President for Student Affairs, Griffin Campus, 501 Varsity Road, Griffin, GA 30223. 770-228-7348.