Student Activities

The office of Student Activities oversees the use of your Student Activity Fees while planning & hosting events at the SCTC Campuses, sponsoring clubs, and even open house sessions or receptions to promote programs and services available to our students.  We encourage all students to participate in and contribute to the Student Activities Process. It is as easy as joining SGA!

Campus Life at Southern Crescent also includes student organizations that are open to ALL students – no matter the program choice. Joining a student organization gives you the opportunity to enhance your college experience by meeting new people, building teamwork and leadership skills, and giving back to your community and college. It looks great on your resume…And you may have the opportunity to travel!

For more information on any other Southern Crescent Technical College student organization or activity, please contact the Student Activities Coordinator at 770-229-3049 or Director of Student Support Services at 770-229-3409 or through the Student Activities Coordinator Contact Form. Join us!