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Course Information

Industrial Systems

The Industrial Systems Technology program is tailored for students looking to prepare for a career as an Industrial Systems technician/electrician. This program offers various learning pathways that introduce, develop, and reinforce academic and technical knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. Moreover, the program provides opportunities for individuals to retrain or enhance their existing knowledge and skills. The program imparts skills in Industrial Systems Technology, covering a broad spectrum of industrial maintenance areas, including electronics, industrial wiring, motors, controls, PLCs, instrumentation, fluid power, mechanical systems, pumps and piping, and computers. Graduates of the program earn qualifications in Industrial Systems Technology, making them eligible for roles as industrial electricians or industrial systems technicians.

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Mechatronics Technology

Mechatronics personnel, technicians, electricians, millwrights, and individuals in related fields have the responsibility of inspecting, maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing commercial and industrial mechanical and electrical systems. These systems are commonly encountered in manufacturing applications, assembly lines, and production facilities. The intricate machinery present in these environments necessitates skilled professionals to handle installation, servicing, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repairs, ensuring that companies can sustain optimal productivity. These career pathways involve crucial tasks to support the smooth operation of mechanical and electrical systems within various industrial settings.

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Machine Tool Technology

The Precision Machining and Manufacturing pathway is a series of courses designed to equip students for careers in the field of machine tool technology. This educational journey offers opportunities to cultivate academic, technical, and professional expertise essential for securing, maintaining, and advancing in relevant jobs. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on a blend of machine tool theory and hands-on applications that are indispensable for thriving in the workforce. Upon program completion, students earn a Precision Machining and Manufacturing pathway credential, and they gain the credentials of a machine tool technician, making them well-prepared for this career trajectory.

Commercial Truck Driving/Entrepreneurship

The Commercial Driving – Class A certificate program provides basic training in the principles and skills of commercial truck operation. The program is based on the definition of a truck driver as one who operates a commercial motor vehicle of all different sizes and descriptions on all types of roads. The CTD program prepares students for the Georgia CDL Skills Exam.


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Schedule Options

Region 1
  • SCTC Butts (Industrial Maintenance)
    IDSY 1110-TR-4:00PM-8:00PM/Classes begin January 8, 2024
    IDSY 1120-TR-4:00PM-8:00PM/Classes begin March 06, 2024
  • SCTC Butts (CDL)
    Monday – Friday 4:30PM-10:00PM/Classes begin March 06, 2024
  • SCTC Henry  (Industrial Maintenance) and (Machine Tool)
    IDSY 1120-T-5:00PM-8:00PM/Classes begin January 08, 2024
    MCHT 1012-T-4:00PM-7:00PM/Classes begin March 06, 2024

Region 2
  • SCTC Spalding (Machine Tool) and (Industrial Maintenance)
    1101-M-5:00PM-9:00PM/Classes begin January 08, 2024
    1012-T-400PM-7:00PM/Classes begin March 06, 2024

  • SCTC Upson (Industrial Maintenance)
    IDSY 1101-M-5:00PM-9:00PM/Classes begin January 08, 2024
  • SCTC Upson (CDL)
    Monday – Friday 4:30PM-10:00PM/Classes begin March 06, 2024


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  • Provides introduction courses to exciting career pathways
  • Convenient scheduling with evening courses
  • Financial assistance is available and classes may be FREE through Dual Enrollment Funding