Policies and Procedures

Testing Policy

  • Testing Staff will provide scratch paper. Students will need to bring pencils. Students can access the built in calculator on the computer program for specific questions of the ACCUPLACER test.
  • The testing fee is non-refundable.
  • Testing is by appointment only. Please contact the Testing Center to schedule an appointment.
  • If a student is observed cheating, he or she will not be allowed to finish the test and the scores will be voided in accordance with the Student Handbook, Student Conduct Code, Academic Misconduct.
  • Please use the restroom before entering the Testing Center.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the testing lab. Hats, personal calculators, headphones, music devices, cell phones, Bluetooth devices, smart watches, or any type of study aides are not allowed in the testing lab.
  • Students will be provided with an assigned locker for all personal belongings.
  • The Testing Center is not liable for any lost or stolen items.
  • There is no talking once the tester begins their test.
  • Testing staff is available to assist with computer use and interpreting scores; staff may not assist with answering test questions.
  • Unofficial test results will be available upon the completion of the test.
  • Scratch paper must be returned to the Testing Specialist before exiting the Testing Center.
  • Visitors, children, spouses, family or friends are not allowed in the Testing Center.
  • Students must attempt to complete at least one section of the ACCUPLACER Test in one sitting. Only students who do not finish within the time period allowed will be able to return to complete their test.

Retest Policy

  • 1st Retest: Student will be allowed to retest, as soon as, the next calendar day the Testing Center is open.
  • 2nd Retest: Confidence Builder recommended prior to attempting retest. This tool provides additional practice.
    • If the student does not earn acceptable scores after 2nd retest, they will be placed in the Learning Support course(s) associated with
      his/her scores.
    • Applicants cannot retest if they have begun a Learning Support course.
    • Once a Learning Support course has been completed satisfactorily and a final grade has been posted, the student can retest in that particular subject one time. If the required score is not met, the student must continue with the sequence of Learning Support.

Testing Forms

Please read and complete the following two forms. These forms should be brought with you on the day of testing.