Emergency Notification Information

Electronic Notification System (Tiger Alert/Regroup)

Southern Crescent Technical College uses the Regroup (Tiger Alert) electronic notification system. Upon registering for classes, students’ contact information, including their college e-mail address and phone numbers, are added to the system. Students then receive college-wide notifications via e-mail, telephone calls, and text messages. Notifications may be sent for a variety of reasons that include emergency situations, inclement weather updates, college closings/delays, or other student-related information notices or updates.

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Fire Alarm

Continuous ringing of the fire alarm indicates immediate evacuation of the building to the designated evacuation points. The evacuation routes and assembly areas are posted throughout the campuses and centers. Emergency evacuation drills will be held throughout the year to ensure that all persons understand and obey emergency procedures. During these drills students are to act as though the emergency were real and to behave in an orderly fashion.

Emergency Evacuation Signal

An announcement over the VOIP system from administration will direct immediate evacuation of the building to a designated safe area.
Note: An Emergency Evacuation Plan is posted throughout campuses and centers marking locations of evacuation routes and safe areas.

Tornado Alert/Severe Weather

Griffin: A designated authority will notify the faculty and staff via e-mail, the VOIP phone alert system, and the Tiger Alert phone alert system.
Flint River: A designated authority will notify the faculty and staff via e-mail, the VOIP phone alert system, and the Tiger Alert phone alert system.
Centers: Alerts will be issued via e-mail, Tiger Alert alert and voice amplified bull horn system. These notifications will direct personnel to move to a designated safe area and shelter in place until the all clear is given.
Note: A tornado plan is published and posted throughout the campuses and centers marking locations of safe areas during severe weather emergencies.

All Clear Signal

A senior staff member on the scene will announce “ALL CLEAR.”
Centers: An “ALL CLEAR” message will be issued using a voice amplified bullhorn.
These will be followed up by a Tiger Alert message of “ALL CLEAR.”

Severe Weather Drill

Faculty, staff, and students are to follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Close windows in the exterior walls as practical and lower blinds and/or drapes.
  • Close classroom or lab doors leading into halls/corridors.
  • Coats and jackets should be used to cover heads, arms, and legs.
  • Go immediately to a designated area away room exterior windows and walls.
  • Persons in mobile unit classrooms must be evacuated to the nearest safe area immediately.
  • All persons should remain in their designated safe areas until notified that it is safe to resume operations by the “ALL CLEAR” signal. Faculty should verify that all students are accounted for during and after the event and report this information to the On duty Officer/designee.

Inclement Weather/College Closing

Inclement weather advisory reports will be monitored on several local and metro Atlanta television and radio stations. In the event that the college may be closed during a period that it is scheduled to be open, students can receive information on the website, calling post, by Tiger Alert, or by listening to one of the following radio and television stations:


  • TV Channel 2 WSB
  • TV Channel 5 WAGA
  • TV Channel 11 WXIA
  • TV Channel 46 WGCL


  • WIBB Radio – 97.9 FM


  • WTGA Radio – FM 101.1


  • WKEU Radio – 88.9 FM
  • WEKS Radio – 92.5 FM

Manchester – Warm Springs:

  • WFDR-Radio – AM 1370
  • Mountain Country – 94.3 FM