Culinary Arts Students Study Abroad in England

Date Posted: March 28, 2024

Three SCTC Culinary Arts students, accompanied by their instructor Chef Daniel Krinsky, have just returned from a three week study abroad trip to Kendal College in England.  During their trip, Sybil Hill, Sherry McNeal-Ford, and Rebecca Talley applied their culinary skills and knowledge with confidence to foreign foods and techniques as they adjusted to new cooking situations and demands.  

While abroad, they worked in various aspects of the on-site restaurant, participated in numerous cooking events,  and studied under Chef Richard Axford and other Michelin-starred chefs, joining fellow apprentices to assist with the Cumbria Food Awards gala, a major hospitality dinner.

In its ninth year, the travel abroad trip was made possible from the fundraising efforts of the Culinary Arts Advisory Committee and the SCTC Foundation. According to Chef Krinsky, “The study abroad program contributes greatly to the enrichment of a student’s educational journey by not only exposing our students to different cultures, flavors, and landscapes, but also by providing our students with the opportunity to develop and hone essential critical thinking skills.  These same skills will become so important as they grow into their careers and access management level positions.”