FY25 Internal Tiger Fundraising Campaign Pledges Reach Over $40,000 for Students

Date Posted: May 7, 2024

Southern Crescent Technical College Foundation has just completed the FY25 Internal Tiger Fundraising Campaign for faculty and staff of Southern Crescent Technical College.  Pledges were submitted with 75% of full-time faculty and staff participating to donate a grand total of $40,377.74.  These contributions are used specifically for student support and scholarships.  In addition, 52 employees pledged one percent of their salaries to become a member of the President’s One Percent Club.

Over the last five fiscal years, the SCTC faculty and staff have pledged a total of $227,082.88 in the internal campaigns, and the SCTC Foundation has awarded over 485 scholarships to students from the contributions of this campaign.

Southern Crescent Technical College President, Dr. Irvin Clark said, “I am so proud of our employees and the investment they are making in our students. The participation and amount of funds raised are awesome! I applaud the team competition and cannot wait to honor the winning team, the Miracle Workers, soon. I’m impressed with their spirit!”

The internal campaign kicked off March 21st during Professional Development Day and ended April 25, 2024.  SCTC employees

Miracle Workers Team Logo
Miracle Workers Team Logo

were randomly divided into 15 teams with approximately 18 people on each team.  Pledging $4,063.68 with 89% participation, the winning team was the Miracle Workers. The team members who pledged included Captain: Janice Phillips, Donald Bartlett, Julie Gates, Mary Jackson, Rachel Johnson, Kelby Lamar, Amy Mays, LaRaysha Mobley, Blaise Naggatz, Melodie Pirone, Brittani Reheiser, Qiana Sims, Tammy Smith, William Snead, and Santedra Wright. The winning team members who pledged will receive a catered luncheon with Dr. Clark, a dedicated parking space, and a student tuition scholarship named in their team’s honor.

In a close second, pledging $4,023.60 with 82% participation, was the Ringleaders. The team members who pledged included Captain: Jennifer Oglesby, Dana Breeser, Beth Burns, Shenetha Conley, Michael Cook, Kelley Cooper, Kelly Evans, Richard Hickmon, Erin Jones, Kathleen Mayer, Lisa Mobley, Tom Rogers, Lela Russo, and Drew Todd.

The Southern Crescent Technical College Foundation promotes the cause of higher education at Southern Crescent Technical College by acquiring and administering cash, grants, and other funds and properties principally from industries, businesses, individuals, corporations, other organizations, associations or foundations, as well as from faculty, staff, alumni, and other friends of the College. In addition, the Foundation assists students by providing scholarships and assistance to the College for the support and development of the College in its educational, cultural, social, civic, and professional endeavors and development. The Southern Crescent Technical College Foundation is a non-profit corporation established under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation is governed by a local board of trustees who represent positive leadership and community influence throughout the College’s eight-county service area of Spalding, Butts, Fayette, Lamar, Pike, Jasper, Henry, and Upson counties.

Some scholarships account for financial aid assistance while others are established for students who do not qualify or have capped their financial aid allocations. Students have expressed that they would not have been able to pursue their education without the assistance from the SCTC Foundation scholarships. Numerous possibilities exist at SCTC for donors interested in contributing to student support through naming opportunities, bequests, scholarships and in-kind donations. Donors are advised to consult the potential benefits with their tax advisor before making a gift. For more information, contact the College’s office of Institutional Advancement at 770-229-3417 or email foundation@sctech.edu.