Horticulture Department Hosts Annual Plant Sale

Date Posted: May 6, 2024

The Southern Crescent Technical College Horticulture Department hosted the 2024 Plant Sale on Thursday, April 25th and featured a variety of plants including vegetables, annual flowers, perennials, and house plants. The Plant Sale was open to the public with SCTC Horticulture students assisting with seeding, vegetative propagation, and greenhouse management of all plants sold. The students also helped in marketing the event, creating plant tags and a grow guide, and assisting with customer service during the Plant Sale.

Dr. Harris, Horticulture Program Coordinator and Instructor at Southern Crescent Technical College remarks that “This event helps prepare students to enter the Green Industry as they are exposed to greenhouse propagation, pest management, irrigation, and fertilizer management by preparing for the Annual Plant Sale. An experience like this exposes students to nursery and greenhouse operations as well as plant identification.” The Georgia Green industry has a regional economic impact of $9.97 billion with employment at around 100,00 individuals, both direct and indirect.