Refunds and Disbursements

Refund Policy (Return of Payment)

Students withdrawing from a course by the end of the third instructional day of the semester or no shows shall receive 100% refund of applicable tuition and refundable fees, excluding the application fee.

  • Students who withdraw from a course after the third instructional day of the semester shall receive no refund and will be responsible for all tuition and fees.
  • Although there will be no refund of tuition and fee after the third instructional day, withdrawing students receiving the Federal Pell Grant will have awards adjusted in compliance with the Return to Title IV process outlined in the Federal Student Aid Handbook.
  • Refunds for Business or Industry or Continuing Ed courses will be made only when a request for a refund is submitted in writing before the first day of class accompanied by the original receipt.
  • A student does not have to request a Refund. All SCTC refunds are processed through the college’s third party servicer, BankMobile. All students must go to the BankMobile website and select how they want to receive their student refund. Once the student has made a refund selection, their refund selection will stay ACTIVE with BankMobile until the student goes back out to the BankMobile website and changes it.
  • Classes canceled by Southern Crescent Technical College will be refunded 100%. Application and insurance fees are non-refundable.

Financial Aid Refunds

If the total of all your financial aid is more than your direct tuition, mandatory fees, and bookstore charges for the semester, you will receive an excess financial aid refund. Excess financial aid refunds are issued through BankMobile approximately 48 days after the start of the semester.

Excess financial aid refunds will continue to be issued throughout the semester as funding is received from the Department of Education and GA Student Finance Commission.

  • After the drop/add period and once attendance/enrollment is confirmed (approximately the second week of the semester), the U.S. Department of Education and/or the Georgia Student Finance Commission will electronically transfer funding to Southern Crescent Technical College (SCTC) to be applied to each qualified student’s account.
  • Once those funds are applied and each account is evaluated to determine the amount of refund due, a refund will be issued through BankMobile. Federal regulations allow the college 15 calendar days to issue/mail a refund of excess financial aid.
  • SCTC will begin processing excess financial aid refunds approximately four (4) weeks after the start of the semester.

                                  Anticipated Excess Financial Aid Refund Schedule for Summer 2023

                                           Please note that the dates provided here are estimated and actual dates may be different.

Financial Aid Schedule Disbursed/Paid to SCTC      Anticipated Date Financial Aid        Refunded to Student 
Summer 2023 06/12/2023 06/26/2023

                                                   Dates Students can use Financial Aid to purchase SUMMER 2023 books in the SCTC Bookstore

                                                                                                                       May 15 through June 9            *****STUDENT ID REQUIRED*****

BankMobile Disbursements

BankMobile is the official Southern Crescent Technical College Refund Disbursement Processor. For more information about BankMobile, visit: 

All refunds are processed through the BankMobile Disbursement Process. To learn more about the Southern Crescent Technical College partnership with BankMobile, you can view Our Contract with BankMobile.

NOTE: Regardless of the method chosen for your student refund, the first refunds in any given semester will be issued approximately 48 days after the semester begins.

Any subsequent refunds due to you, the student, within that semester will be processed approximately every 14 days.

Opt-Out of bookstore credit option

If a student chooses to “opt out” of the bookstore credit, then the student needs to complete the “Request to Opt-Out of Bookstore Credit” form located at the Cashier’s window of the Business Office one week before the start of the semester. These authorizations will be in effect as long as they are active in Banner.

Note: the “opt out” option does NOT allow you to receive your financial aid refund early.  The first set of refunds of any given semester are sent to students approximately 48 days after the semester begins.


CARES/HEERF2 Authorization

Southern Crescent Technical College must have your consent before using CARES funds to pay your tuition and fees balance.  Please use the CARES/HEERF2 link below to authorize.  Students who do not wish to receive CARES funds, to cover balances, can decline these funds and use them for other cost of attendance expenses. Additionally, students who do not want to accept the financial grant to cover tuition and fee balances will need to contact the Business Office to make payment arrangements.