Transfer Credit

View Transferred Credit

Once transfer credit has been awarded it may be viewed on your Unofficial Transcript in BannerWeb.

  1. Log in to BannerWeb
  2. Student Services & Financial Aid → Student Records → Unofficial Transcript →Select All Levels and Student Transcript Unofficial from dropdown menu; click Submit.
  3. Scroll to bottom of transcript to see transfer credit awarded.


  • Official transcripts are required from all postsecondary institutions verifying a minimum grade of “C” in all courses for which the student is seeking transfer credit to his/her program of study.
  • Programs with competitive admissions may require a specific grade in defined courses.
  • Credit is awarded only in areas offered within the current curriculum of Southern Crescent Technical College.
  • A course accepted for credit has essentially the same content and is taught at a comparable or higher level as the course at Southern Crescent Technical College.
  • Transfer credit is not awarded for learning support courses. (exception – GA Technical Colleges)
  • All transferred courses must have the equivalent or higher number of credit hours.
  • All transferred courses will be transferred in at the highest level regardless of the level of the student’s chosen course of study.
  • There are time limits on validity of some coursework. (See below.)
  • The Registrar is responsible for final transfer credit approval.
  • The Office of the Registrar will normally award transfer credit for coursework taken at regionally accredited institutions, provided the above conditions are met and the student’s previous institution is in good standing with its accrediting body.
  • For information about classes accepted at University System of Georgia colleges/universities from the Technical College System of Georgia, please visit General Education Course Transfer Chart.

Time Limits on Transferability of Courses are as Follows:

  • No expiration – all general education/basic skills courses (ARTS, CHEM, ECON, EMPL, ENGL, HIST, MATH, MUSC, PHYS, PSYC, SOCI, SPCH); and courses used to satisfy elective credit requirements.
  • No expiration on all ALHS, COMP, & BIOL Courses.