DAP – Dual Achievement Program

The Dual Achievement Program is another path toward high school graduation that allows students to earn a high school diploma at a Technical College High School Academy. Students complete both high school (if needed) and college course work at the TCSG High School Academy. Students can then graduate with a high school diploma and college credentials.

The Dual Achievement Program serves students that are seeking an alternative environment, away from a traditional high school. It is ideal for students seeking a new environment to complete their high school course requirements while earning college credentials to prepare them for in-demand careers.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Student must be 16 to 21 years of age.
  • Students must have completed and earned credit for 6 of the 9 required high school courses.
    • (2-English, 2-Math, 2-Science, 2-Social Studies, 1-Health/PE)

Steps for Enrollment

  • Talk with your High School Counselor about the Dual Achievement Program to see if it right for you!
  • Complete an Atlanta Tech Prep Academy Application
  • Submit a high school transcript and referral form to Atlanta Tech Prep Academy
    • Once Accepted in Atlanta Tech Prep, complete a Southern Crescent Technical College Dual Enrollment Application and submit a high school transcript
  • E-mail DAP@sctech.edu for registration.

Learn more about the approved programs for Dual Achievement

For more information, contact us at DAP@sctech.edu