Crime Statistics

Southern Crescent Technical College Police Department is committed to providing students with a safe and secure environment in which to learn.  The College reports statistics on the following crimes and offenses annually as required by the Clery Act. Furthermore, Southern Crescent Technical College Police Department  must provide the following geographic breakdown of the crime statistics in the annual report.

Southern Crescent Technical College Police Department  also maintain records of all incidents that occur on campus including those which are not required to be reported under the Campus Security Act. Students may contact Campus Police to view the updated Daily Crime Log or they can receive this information in printed form within two (2) business days of the request.

The data collected for the previous calendar year can be found in the Annual Security Report or on the Internet at:


  • Click on “Get data for one institution/campus.”
  • When the “Step 1 – Institution/Campus Search” criteria form appears, scroll down to: Name of Institution; type Southern Crescent Technical College, then click Search. *For years prior to FY11, please choose either Flint River Technical College or Griffin Technical College.
  • At “Step 2 – Select Campus,” choose Main Campus.
  • After clicking on Main Campus, a cover sheet about the institution will display. If you scroll down the page you can click on any of the following located on the gray bar:
    • Criminal offenses
    • Hate offenses
    • Arrest and Disciplinary Actions