Helpful Information

Helpful information for improving your College Experience as a Veteran Student at Southern Crescent Technical College:

Vaccination Policy:
While Southern Crescent Technical College does not require vaccinations or record of
immunization for admissions, proof of certain vaccinations and immunization records
are required after admission for some programs, where students would be doing clinical
externships in childcare or medical facilities.

  • SCTC encourages all Veterans to apply for financial aid
    • Contact our Financial Aid Office for more information:
    • To apply for Federal  and State Student Aid:
      Complete the FAFSA at as soon as you decide to go to school.
      Southern Crescent Technical College’s school code is 005621.
  • Use all available online resources to educate yourself about VA benefits. to apply for VA Benefits.
  • Contact the School Veterans Representative, even if your planned start date is months away.
    Southern Crescent Technical College and all SCTC Credit programs are VA approved.
  • Southern Crescent Technical College (SCTC) participates in the Tuition Assistance program offered by the Department of Defense (DoD). Students are encouraged to visit TA Decide @
  • Service members are encouraged to speak with their Educational Services Officer (ESO) or equivalent in their Military Service branch, prior to enrolling at SCTC.
  • If Chapter 33 Post 9/11, ask VA how long it will take to receive your benefits for tuition and fees, monthly housing allowance stipends, and book stipends. Payments are often received after you have already started school so have a plan to support yourself at first.
  • Find out exactly for what the GI Bill will pay. Different chapters of benefits pay based on the criteria for their chapter.
  • Provide all information requested by the school as soon as possible. Timeliness is important.
  • Track your classes: Follow your program plan. Know what courses are required for your program and what courses are not. (VA will not pay for those that are not in your program)
  • Keep in touch with a Program Advisor: Your School Certifying Official/Veterans Representative will be a great resource but we are not Academic or Program Advisors. Know your Academic or Program Advisor and ask them for details about class offerings.
  • Don’t isolate yourself: Network with other veterans and students! Compare notes, and ask questions! We offer a number of Student Organizations including the Student Veterans of America organization specifically for our Veterans.
  • Follow the College Procedures: Classes don’t always work out. You may get called back to active duty or family matters may necessitate leaving school. Don’t just walk away!  Withdraw from your classes using proper procedures and make sure to notify your VA Certifying Official.
  • Ask Questions: College staff is available to help; however, they cannot help if you do not ask. Our goal is for you to succeed as a student. If you are struggling in a class, ask your professor for help or go to a tutoring center. If you are having a hard time adjusting, talk to someone in the counseling center. Fixing a smaller problem is almost always easier than fixing a big one.
  • Remember:
    • Maintain your military bearing
    • Be Persistent
    • Be Professional
  • If at any time you need our assistance: Call 770-229-3095.
  • Have a copy of your DD-214: Contact the National Personnel Records Center: or call  1-866-272-6272. You may also visit to print copies of your military documentation.
  • Take Advantage of our Libraries: Libraries at our Griffin and Flint River campus function as a research center for students, faculty, and staff. Our collection, emphasizing technical training, supports the curriculum and meets the information needs of our users through printed and electronic formats. (
  • Empower Yourself: Take responsibility for your education, and the following strategies will help:
    • Be Organized: Create a folder or binder for all education and VA related paperwork. Keep it safe!
    • Track Important Dates: Know your assignment due dates, term dates, registration, drop/add and withdrawal dates, payment due dates, and grade release dates.
    • Keep Transcripts of prior education: Always have unofficial transcripts and a list of all previous schools with their addresses.
    • Be enthusiastic: Learn everything about our college,