Student Veteran Organization

Southern Crescent Technical College has established a student veteran organization to support our military members, veteran students, and their spouses and dependents.

We are a chapter of the national Student Veteran’s of America organization.

The primary mission of the Student Veterans Organization shall be to foster and develop a social network for student veterans and their families with the college. Work with other military veterans organizations to overall enhance benefits and services provided to the student veterans and their families. Provide a network and an atmosphere of fellowship and camaraderie for students with military service and future military service.

The goals for the student organization are to:

  • Raise awareness of our new organization
  • Elect students to fill key leadership positions within the organization
  • Foster and develop a social network for student military veterans
  • Participate in Community Outreach Projects
  • Conduct a formal Veteran’s Day Appreciation Luncheon
  • Have Fun!

If you would like to be a part of an exciting student organization, complete the SCTC Student Veteran Organization Application today! For information on how to join, please contact:

Griffin Campus:

Flint River Campus:

Henry Campus:


Students may visit the Student Veteran’s Center located in Building 100 on the Griffin Campus.