Advisement FAQs

Griffin Campus
Dundee Technology
Center - Room 107
501 Varsity Road
Griffin, GA 30223


Monday - Thursday:
8:00am - 6:30pm
8:00am - 12:00pm

Flint River Campus
Building A - Room 250A
1533 Hwy 19 South
Thomaston, GA 30286

Monday - Thursday:
8:00am - 6:00pm
8:00am - 12:00pm

Henry County Center
Building B
300 Lakemont Drive
McDonough, GA 30253

Monday - Thursday:
8:00am - 5:30pm
8:00am - 12:00pm

  May I have a copy of the college catalog?

The college does not print catalogs. The course catalog can accessed from the Programs page. (Click on “Catalog” in the Programs page menu). The smart catalog can also be accessed directly at: .

It is always up to the receiving institution to decide what will transfer. Students should contact the college to which they wish to transfer to make sure they are taking the correct courses. SCTC advisors cannot tell you with certainty that any particular class will transfer.

A ROAR (Required Orientation, Advisement and Registration) session is mandatory for all new students just prior to registration for classes. This session provides an opportunity for students to become familiar with policies and regulations, and to learn more about the programs and services of the school. Orientation is offered on-campus or can be done online. Dates for on-campus orientation are mailed to students with acceptance letters.

A Course Reference Number is a five digit number used to identify each course section offered each semester.

This information is accessible by logging into Banner Web  – Click in the USER ID box and enter your student ID or your social security number. Click in the PIN box and enter your birthday in six digit format (052389). Click on “log in”. Click on “Student Services & Financial Aid”. Click on “Student Records”, and then “Academic Transcript”. Click “Submit” to see an unofficial transcript. View grades from the same “Student Records” tab. Click on “Final Grades” and then select the term and click “Submit”. To view your entrance exam test scores, return to the “Student Records” tab and click on “Degree Works” at the bottom of the list. Scroll toward the bottom of the Degree Works page to view test scores. If you changed your password, you will need to remember it. Otherwise you will need to present a picture ID at a Student Affairs office on any campus to have them reset your password. They will reset it to your birth date.

The college’s official means of communication is your SCTC student email address.

Georgia Virtual Technical Connection is the electronic clearinghouse for 20 Georgia technical colleges. You can find out if a course is being offered at one of these technical colleges at the following website: .

It depends on the kind of hold it is. A hold might be placed on your account for a variety of reasons: you owe money to the college, you have a late library book, you need to return textbooks you borrowed from the textbook lending program, you haven’t passed an Exit exam in one or more learning support classes, you have an outstanding parking ticket, etc. Log-in to Banner Web – Enter your ID/PIN. Click on “Student Services & Financial Aid”. Click on “Student Records” and then “View Holds”. Report to/contact the office that put the hold on your account.

Students who wish to change from one program to another or from the pursuit of one credential to another must meet the admissions requirements for the new program or credential. Students should be aware that credits earned in one program may not apply to a new program. Changing programs may lengthen the time required to complete a program. Change in Enrollment Forms should be received in the Student Affairs Office at least two weeks prior to any registration period. Students who are receiving benefits under a financial aid program should discuss the possible impact of a program change on their benefits. To change program status, students should take the following steps: 1. Inform current advisor; 2. Obtain signatures from the program advisor or director and financial aid officer; 3. Upon approval by all signed parties, the Student Affairs Office will determine the student’s admissions eligibility for the second program; 4. Requirements will be noted, and the student will be notified of any additional admissions requirements for the new program; 5. Complete a Transfer Credit Evaluation Request form for the new program of study; 6. Report to the new program advisor.

Enrollment in 12 credit hours makes you a full-time student at SCTC. Whether you need to be a full-time student depends on a variety of things:

  • Students on an international student VISA must carry 12 credits per semester;
  • Many students need to be full-time to stay on a parent’s health insurance plan;
  • Veteran’s Affairs benefits and Pell Grant reimbursements to students are based on the number of credit hours a student is enrolled in. It does not require full-time enrollment, but if a student is enrolled part-time their reimbursement will be reduced.
  • WIA participants must be full-time during fall and spring semesters.

Yes, for a non-refundable re-test fee of $15.00, students may retake all or part of the ACCUPLACER. Applicants cannot retest if they have begun a Learning Support course. Once a Learning Support course is completed satisfactorily and a final grade of a “C” or better has been posted, students can retest in that particular subject one time. If the required score is not met, the student must continue with the sequence of courses. Test score must be within 5 points of the required Program Score for the specific content areas. (First attempt only.) Test scores are valid for 5 years. A retest cannot be given within 14 days of the original test date unless approved by staff. Applicants planning to retest must report to the Admission’s Office for the retest form and then to the Business Office to pay the retest fee. This form must be brought with the student to the testing center and presented to the assessment specialist at the time of testing.

Students who are inactive at SCTC for two full semesters or more will be required to:

  1. Submit a completed application form to the Student Affairs Office.
  2. Meet program admission requirements in effect at the time of readmission, including assessment (testing) requirements. If test scores are more than five years old or are not sufficient based on program requirements, the student may be required to retest or provide acceptable transfer coursework prior to readmission.
  3. Submit official transcripts from all colleges, universities, or institutions attended since their last enrollment.
  4. Must attend orientation.

A currently enrolled or accepted program student may receive course credit by passing an examination if one is offered. The examination may be written and/or performance based and validates competencies in skills the student would obtain through actual enrollment in the course. Exemption exams are given each semester. The list of exemption exams available and the schedule of test administration are available in the Academic Affairs Office.

No, you really need to see the financial aid office or the Financial Aid page for that information.

No, you must register yourself through your Banner Web account. Training sessions are available in the Advisement Center on campus.